15 Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency


Iron is one of the most vital minerals that we obtain from the food we eat. Each and every cell in our body has some iron in it and it plays a crucial role in keeping the body healthy.  Iron has a vast variety of imperative roles and formation of the red blood corpuscles is among the most essential ones.

Regardless to say, red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body, from the heart to all the different muscles, tissues, organs, brain and also the lungs. Some of us think that red cells only carry oxygen, but it is not true, they also carry other very important nutrients to the different parts to the body. These nutrients help us stay hale and hearty.

We all know that oxygen is extremely crucial to keep us alive, and so a good iron supply is a must. When iron supply reduces in the body, it leads to a number of problems and ill-effects that are quite noticeable.

Iron deficiency also known as sideropaenia in the medical terms, is a state where the human body doesn’t have sufficient iron to fulfill the body requirements. If there is too little iron the body, it can interrupt the vital functions and may also lead to early death.

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Here are some most common signs and symptoms that are visible when you are suffering from Iron Deficiency:

Abnormal Tiredness/Fatigue

A feeling of extreme and unusual tiredness is a common sign of Iron Deficiency.  It takes place when iron is required by the body to produce hemoglobin (a protein present in the red cells that carry oxygen).

Fatigue or Body Tiredness is a usual part of the busy and hectic life. As such, it becomes difficult to understand the actual reason for fatigue and relate it to the symptoms of iron deficiency.

The distinugusihing factor is that individuals who are iron deficient are also low on imagery, feel cranky, have difficulty in concentrating and are low on productivity.

Skin Paleness

One of the most common signs and overt signs of iron deficiency is skin paleness. It simply means that the skin on the face and inside the lower eyelids turns little yellow in color.

It is the hemoglobin that gives the blood a red color. Thus, when a person is iron deficient, the blood losses its redness and may appear to be yellowish.

Unusual Breathlessness

If you have a low hemoglobin count in your body at times of iron deficiency, then it is possible that the oxygen supply throughout the body may also be low. So, if you are facing difficultly in walking, normal breathing, or doing any daily chores, then you could hold iron deficiency responsible for it.

Headache and Vertigo

Deficiency of Iron in the body may lead to headaches.  It is not a very common sign but is associated with vertigo/dizziness.  Since hemoglobin levels are low during iron deficiency, a lesser amount of oxygen is passed to the brain and its cells. All this leads to swelling of the blood cells that leads to pressure and headaches.


Heart palpitations are sensations where you may feel that your heart has skipped a beat or merely added an extra beat. You may feel like your heart is racing faster, pounding, or merely fluttering. In simple terms, you can experience the heartbeats very precisely. This happens because of low levels of hemoglobin that lead to less oxygen and ultimately results in more efforts from the heart to function properly.

Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Skin and Hair

Iron deficiency in the body may also lead to dry, Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Hair and Skin

It happens because of limited oxygen supply to all parts of the body, thus affecting the vital functions.  When there is inadequate oxygen supply to the skin and hair, they tend to become dry, thin and weak.

Mouth Swelling

Many a times merely when looking inside your mouth you may find signs of iron-deficiency anemia. This involves swelling, inflammation, paleness or strange smoothness in and around the mouth and tongue.

Deficiency of iron may also lead to mouth dryness or ulcers.

Restless Leg Syndrome

It is a very strong urge to lift or move your legs around when they’re at rest. It may also lead to a very unfamiliar crawling and itchy feeling in legs.

Brittle nails

Brittle or spoon-shaped nails, also known as a koilonychias, are a lesser known symptom of iron deficiency. An iron deficient person may have brittle nails that easily chip, crack and sometimes even fall off.

Unusual food cravings

A strong desire for strange edible or non-edible items is known as “pica.” It generally includes yearning to eat ice, clay, mud, rubber, dirt, chalk or paper. It may be a symptom of iron deficiency and can also happen at times of pregnancy.

Uncommon anxiety

Low levels of oxygen in the body during iron deficiency may lead to unusual anxiousness.  But, it may get back to normal when there is proper iron level in the body.

Cody Coldness

An iron deficient person may usually suffer from cold hands and feet. This is because of the low oxygen supply to these body parts. As such, you may feel very cold or have cold feet even at normal temperatures.

Getting infected too often

Iron is a vital for maintain a healthy immune system. Thus, the lack iron might make the person more prone to diseases and illnesses.

Overactive Thyroid or Hypothyroidism

Iron deficiency may lead to a combination of symptoms such as tiredness, weight gain, and also lower body temperature. All these are signs of Hypothyroidism.

Celiac Disease

It is a condition where the body is unable to properly vitamins and nutrients especially iron.

If you are facing any of the above problems, consult a doctor. For this, you can Book Appointment at Docprime.