10 Anti-Aging Tips You Need To Start Doing In Your 20s

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You’re currently in your 20s. Except for a few stress-induced pimple marks, you’re confident that your skin is supple and clear today. You may think this article isn’t about you since it’s way too early to be concerned about the signs of aging, right? Wrong. In fact, now is a perfect time.

Most people in their 40s wish they could turn back time and look a few years younger. Some people swear by drugstore anti-aging products and home remedies. Other folks of the wealthier class, are willing to do crazy and expensive procedures like cellulite reduction, from vinotherapy to injections, in order to get rid of a few creases. More and more people have even been opting for labiaplasty (i.e. the surgical procedure done on the inner and outer folds of the vagina),  to restore their youthful state or else correct a discomfort in either their labia majora (outer vaginal fold) or labia minora (inner vaginal fold).

Aging is inevitable. However, some bad habits, from skipping sunscreen to smoking, age your skin faster. On the bright side, you can also do something today to slow down the aging process and keep your skin and complexion looking it’s best for many years.

10 anti-aging tips

Isn’t it nice to age gracefully? Here are 10 anti-aging tricks your future self will thank you for.

Use the powerful potion every day

One foolproof potion is proven to slow down the signs of aging by 90% and only a few use it. It’s actually no secret – it’s called “sunscreen”.

Overexposure to the sun rays leads to collagen breakdown, sagging skin, sunspots, wrinkles, and of course, skin cancer. Slathering on sunscreen gives your skin a protective barrier against these risks. Next to wearing sunscreen, don’t hesitate to use sunglasses, a cap, or an umbrella to minimize sun damage.

Don’t stress yourself out too much

Stress ages your cells. High stress over long duration sustains high levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which lead to acne breakouts and accelerate the aging process of the skin. Aging can be reversed with lifestyle changes, including stress management, to turn off stress hormones and activate endorphins.

Stressed at school or work? You definitely need some killer ways to distress at the end of the long day.

Get some shut-eye

We’re all guilty. After one sleepless night, we can immediately notice unsightly red, swollen eyes, dark circles, sagging eyelids, fine lines, and paler skin. Now, imagine the horrors of our chronic sleep deprivation in the long run.

Beauty sleep is real. Skin repairs itself and makes new collagen when you sleep. The body also boosts blood flow, which leads to a glowing complexion. Your beauty products work better too. So do yourself a favor and snooze for more than 6 hours tonight, okay?

But please sleep on your back

Sleeping on your side or stomach creates deep sleep lines on your forehead and cheeks. Applying repeated pre-store on your face against the collagen will promote its breakdown, leading to visible lines. Try sleeping on your back, upgrading your cotton pillowcase to silk or satin, or getting a special pillow to prevent pillow-induced wrinkles.

Don’t lose excess fat at the gym

Don’t hate fat too much, my dear – a few of it can actually make you look younger. Notice how people with cute, plump cheeks are often mistaken for minors? Thinner and more athletic people who are over the age 40 tend to look older and more wrinkled since they have less fat under their skin.

But hey, this is not an excuse to skip exercise!

Have a more colorful diet

We’re not talking about your vibrant cheese curls.

Diets rich in antioxidants help your body fight off free radicals like sun damage and pollution. You can find them in green veggies like kale, spinach, and brussels sprouts, red veggies like tomatoes and bell peppers, and sweet fixes such as strawberries, blueberries, oranges, and plums.

Cleanse and moisturize inside out with H2O

You know how your skin loves your cleansing and moisturizing creams. Amp up your skincare game by cleansing and moisturizing inside.

It turns out that the actual fountain of youth is your fountain of water. Water promotes detoxification – a key to feeling and looking your best. So drink lots of fluids to seal in moisture and keep your skin smooth and supple.

Consider omega-3 fish oil supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids do wonders for your looks. Next to improving heart and immune function, the oil’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties help with hair nourishment and keeping the skin looking smooth and supple.

Aside from taking supplements, you can also obtain omega-3 by eating fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel, algae, krill, and certain types of nut oils and plants. Talk to your physician about it.

Go for anti-aging products with retinol

While there’s a gazillion of serums promising a younger-looking skin, there’s only one ingredient that’s truly proven to have anti-aging properties: Retinoids.

This game-changing ingredient comes in OTC products as retinol, and in prescriptions as Retin-A. However, both vary in degrees of strength and ability to eliminate fine lines and smooth skin texture.

Keep your face calm

Try not to constantly frown, squint, and make an angry face, causing crows feet, fine lines, and that mean grove between your eyes. Your face will eventually be stuck that way, increasing the chance to seek botox treatments and injectable fillers someday.

However, there’s one muscle movement you shouldn’t ditch to look younger and more radiant: Your killer smile. *wink.