7 Winning Ways to Use Tik Tok for Marketing


According to TikTok, they have 50 million American users who log into their app and use it daily.

If you want to reach all of these people and promote your product or services, you’ll have to figure out how to use Tik Tok for marketing.

Best Strategies to Use Tik Tok for Marketing

But how do you navigate marketing with Tik Tok? Keep reading for some good Tik Tok strategies to use!

1Use Hashtags

In order to get views on TikTok, make sure that you use plenty of hashtags. Tik Tok has their own SEO, and they use it to help users find new content through their search feature.

One way the SEO reads your videos is with a hashtag. If you aren’t sure which hashtags to start using, start searching in different sections of Tik Tok. Once you’ve viewed some similar videos, then Tik Tok will start suggesting hashtags for you!

You might also want to try doing something generic to reach a larger amount of people. However, keep in mind that you can’t have more than one hundred characters in your description. This means that you can only have about one or two hashtags in order to also fit a description.

This means you have to make sure your hashtags count.

2Jump on Trends

You’ve probably heard of a few Tik Tok trends or “challenges.” They sometimes pop up out of nowhere, but sometimes they’re tied to whatever is happening in the news.

However, when people find a trend, they want to watch all kinds of other variations. This can be a great way to make your product or service relatable in the context of the challenge!

However, make sure that you’re staying on top of the trends. They can disappear as quickly as they appear, and some of them may even be gone in a day.

3Partner With Influencers

You should also try and connect with influencers who have a large following on the app.

They will build up their brand and reputation with their followers, which means that their followers trust them whenever they recommend any products. Plus, if you have someone vouch for your brand, you’ll have a lot more eyes on your product.

Tik Tok is very popular with teens and young adults right now, and Tik Tok influencers even have more sway than other celebrities do. To capitalize on this, reach out to some popular influencers and ask them if they’d be willing to feature your products!

4Use a Business Profile

Just like on Instagram or Facebook, one key aspect of video marketing is to make sure that your account is a business account.

To make your account one for business, go to “Manage Account” on Tik Tok. There will be a button that says “Switch to Business Account.” When you switch this, you’ll bring in all kinds of more opportunities.

You’ll be able to add your website URL to your profile and access more tools that analyze how people interact with your posts.

5Post Frequently

Every social media platform has its own unspoken rules of posting, but on Tik Tok, it’s okay to post at least once a day. In fact, it’s recommended that you post even a few times a day.

Since Tik Tok is made up of short, small videos, it’s okay to test the waters and see how many posts people will interact with each day. When you keep a consistent posting schedule, people will start to look forward to it and anticipate it!

On top of this, Tik Tok has an algorithm that detects how many times you post. If you’re active on their app, they will be more likely to recommend your content to people!

6Make Your Videos Interesting

One of the effective marketing strategies is making sure that your videos are interesting and tell the people something new. If it’s crazy or wild, they may be more inclined to share it with their friends and even make it go viral!

Tik Tok videos can be anywhere from a few seconds to one minute long. You don’t have a lot of time to say something, so you have to make sure that your videos are appealing but also natural. Make it something that people will stop scrolling for in order to watch it because it captured their attention.

When you post your video, make sure that you also write a description for it. This will help your SEO ranking in the app. Tik Tok wants to know what your video is about so that they can send it to the people who might be interested in it.

7Use Ads

Lastly, you can try using Tik Tok ads. This is a more formal way of advertising, but it’s actually very easy.

Tik Tok offers two different types of ads that you can purchase. One of them is an in-feed native ad. These are skippable ads that will play before certain videos or while people are scrolling.

You can also try using hashtag challenge ads. This is a banner ad that people will use for a specific challenge.

Learn More About How to Use Tik Tok for Marketing

These are only a few tips to keep in mind when you’re learning how to use Tik Tok for marketing, but there are many more ways to bring in more views!

We know that coming up with any marketing strategy can be difficult, especially on a newer social media platform. That’s why we’re here to help!

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