3 Reasons Why You Should Give Crocheting a Try


From a distance, spending hours working a ball of yarn into a sweater, dress, or scarf may seem too complicated or uninteresting to try.

You may be thinking, how could anyone make a whole dress with just a small crochet hook and a ball of yarn? Clearly, they must have to know quite a lot just to get started. And given that crocheting is an analog pastime, would it keep me entertained in a comparable way to my phone and laptop?

The answer, we are happy to report, is that the art of crochet can be a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend your time, and all you need to learn are a few basic concepts to unlock everything it has to offer. Let’s get into three of the main reasons you should give crocheting a try.

It Offers Endless Inspiration

One huge perk of practicing crochet is the abundance of free crochet patterns at your fingertips. No matter the garment or the accessory, you’re sure to find a project that will engage your sense of creativity and thrill you to no end. A handful of examples include:

  • Adding a lush, swirly texture to your decorative pillows for a dash of contemporary artistic flare
  • A classic striped blanket with fringe in your favorite colors
  • A snuggle sack for your little one adorned with playful caterpillar legs or floppy dog ears in soft baby yarn
  • A lovely storage basket adorned with a favorite animal for the perfect blend of beauty and practicality

But before you can get your feet wet, you’ll need to master the basics and give yourself a solid foundation. Make sure to go slow and get used to your crochet hooks on your own time; that way, you’ll be more patient with yourself as you get acquainted with the many kinds of stitches at your disposal like granite, puff, shell, and single crochet.

It Melts Your Stress Away

Another benefit of crocheting is how it requires focus to avoid mistakes. You must follow your project’s instructions exactly to yield a worthwhile result. This means that, while you’re crocheting, there’s little room for the worries you’re carrying to butt in and interrupt. You’ll be much too busy making sure to loop your yarn around your hooks the correct number of times.

In this way, crocheting can be a much-needed reprieve from the stresses of a busy life, as well as a space to regain clarity and consider problems that require long stretches of peace and quiet to solve.

It Expands Your Community

A final benefit to consider is how crochet lends itself well to group settings. You could get some friends together to make mittens or toques for charity, for example, or start a support group where people with anxiety or depression can take up the craft and relax for a while. After you get the hang of crocheting, it’s quite easy to hold a conversation while you work and make the most of your time with friends old and new.

While it may lack the excitement of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, we have seen that crocheting can enhance your life by exercising your creativity, easing your troubles, and increasing social interaction. Find a free pattern you love and give it a go to experience these benefits today.