When To Hire a Lawyer


The legal system is complex, so anytime you are dealing with a lawsuit or another type of legal matter, it is best to hire an attorney to help. However, lawyers can be expensive, and you may not want to hire one unless absolutely necessary to protect your finances. Here are three scenarios where you should hire a lawyer to help you argue your case.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may not be able to work while recovering and you could incur significant medical expenses. The good news is that you may not be responsible for paying for your expenses, but you do need a lawyer to fight your case and make sure you are awarded the compensation you deserve. Look for the best injury attorney in your area and set up a free consultation to ensure you are a *candidate for a lawsuit.


If your divorce is amicable, you may not need a lawyer to help you settle on a custody arrangement and divide up assets. However, most divorces are volatile, and you will likely need a neutral third party to help you adjust to your new normal. You and your former spouse should each have a lawyer to argue for your rights regarding asset division. Your lawyer will present your list of demands and negotiate until you walk away with a settlement you are satisfied with.

Kids make divorces even more difficult, and you may need a lawyer to help you decide on a custody arrangement. An attorney’s job is to make sure the kids are properly cared for and the primary parent receives child support from the other. Your lawyer serves as a mediator between you and your former spouse to reduce tension and help you reach an agreement you can both live with.

Criminal Charges

Sometimes, bad decisions land you in jail, and you need a lawyer to defend you in court. In many cases, a lawyer may not be able to prove your innocence because you were responsible for the crime, but he or she can often reduce the charges and argue for a lighter sentence. Judges and juries often have more respect for people who hire lawyers to argue for them instead of fighting the case themselves.

Another reason to hire a lawyer for criminal defense is that attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. Court cases are not settled quickly, and you may have many questions about the process before it is over. A lawyer can answer most of your questions and give you the best possible outcome.

Like any other type of business, law firms have various fees regarding services. Some lawyers even offer pro bono services to help people who are strained financially. If you find yourself in any of these three situations, it is best to hire an attorney to argue your case regardless of how much money it costs. You can look at online reviews or ask relatives and friends for recommendations to find the right person for your case.