What to Consider While Choosing a Solar CRM Software

solar panel

Acquiring qualified leads for the solar panel industry is way different than other kinds of businesses. The competition is more in this arena, and you have to concentrate more on active operations.

One crucial way to change your customer relationship management methods is to use solar CRM software. You can integrate the CRM software with QuickBooks and manage your resources on the cloud. From building time log reports to getting instant notifications on tasks due, it helps grow your business.

Choose The Right Solar CRM Software

But before you purchase a solar CRM software, here are the things to consider:

1Customer Service

The CRM software should provide enough information in varying formats like explanatory videos, infographics, and others. Without clear documentation on the different modules, it will be useless to your customers.

An excellent platform helps people easily navigate it by learning how it works. They should be able to call the customer service directly from the platform for assistance. You can implement effective customer service with quick response times and a variety of communication methods.

2Features and Templates

CRMs provide a different range of features, starting from enabling you to create your proposals from scratch. Many management systems in solar CRMs allow for collecting and managing contracts. Others also offer custom templates designed for sales, quotes, transactions, and submissions.

In general, look for features like:

Solar Project Management: This feature lets you view your project history and manage and monitor current and future projects. On the dashboard, you can add features like inverter model, expected lifespan, type of connection, panel brand, etc. You can even assess the electricity plan pricing and costs of the entire system, components, and services.

Leads Management: Following up on qualified leads will grow your business. Sync the features with your projects and create or submit directly on the interface for a streamlined approach.

User Management: The solar CRM software must ensure a hierarchical system so that sales can rise. You can assign the projects to users through a form on the platform and monitor them with ease. Or, you can choose the automated tasks option.

3Device Compatibility

The platform should be very modern, with up-to-date tools that offer incredible user experience. They expect dynamic and real-time experiences. Logical functionality and clustering, along with smooth navigation, ensure comfort to the users.

Another crucial aspect is if the software is mobile-compatible. If the platform only comes in a desktop version, it will be unusable in smaller formats. It may hinder business operations, and you may lose potential leads. For sellers and vendors on the move, accessing your interface on mobile devices is critical.

How Much Does the Solar CRM Cost?

Finally, it is time to consider the pricing of solar CRM. Many suppliers charge upfront fees, while others offer a subscription model. Sometimes, the add-ons and implementation prices may surpass the estimated initial costs.

Do your research by taking the adequate time and understand what you are paying for. Check if it suits your business model, and learn about its strengths and weaknesses.

Choose solar CRM software that offers decent pricing within your budget. However, do not compromise on the features you need to save some money. This investment now will bring you massive returns with time.