What is sage 50? How to use sage 50?

sage 50

On the market, there is currently several popular accounting software options for mid-size to enterprise-size companies. For smaller companies, the options are more limited. There is a lot of programs for startups and small companies that focus more so on customer relationship management and marketing, but not so much on accounting. Sage 50 is an option for smaller companies that also scales as the business grows.

Here is more information about Sage 50 as well as how it can be used.

Formerly Known as Peachtree

Before it was known as Sage 50, this program was called Peachtree. A decision was made by the executives at the Sage Group to rebrand the product. The software company develops other products. In order to provide the best customer support and products, the name was changed to streamline their own process. This particular software was developed to help small and medium-sized companies operate as efficiently as possible. Those who used Peachtree at any point can be confident that the program still provides the same features. It has also received upgrades to keep up with changing technology, evolving needs and consumer expectation.

What is Sage 50?

Sage 50 is accounting software that was developed for the small and medium-sized businesses. It is user-friendly and designed to simplify tasks that are completed on a daily basis. Additionally, reports can be compiled. These reports help business professionals gain better insight into their operations. This is a great way to identify opportunities that are being missed while capitalizing on what is currently working. Plus, everything on the software is secure. Users, therefore, can be confident that their data is safe. If there are any questions about the features, a process or something else, there is support around the clock, too.

Which Sage 50 Version is Best?

There are three versions of Sage 50 that include Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting, Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting and Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting. Each has its own features and benefits.

Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting is great for organizing finances, getting the bills paid and managing cash flow. It is accessible through the Cloud at any time, and it includes the ability to integrate other popular, productivity software.

Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting helps business professionals plan and track inventory. It can manage jobs as well as expenses. Users and controls can be added. It also includes the ability to integrate other popular, productivity software. This version of Sage 50 can also be accessed through the Cloud at any time.

Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting is designed to handle accounting for enterprises-level firms. It has fast processing power for up to 40 users. There are industry-specific features included because all companies at this level do not require the same ones. At this size, a representative from Sage can help guide company leaders in the right direction. This version also also has the ability to integrate. It is also accessible through the Cloud at any time.

How to use Sage 50?

This software is a user-friendly, basic desktop software program that includes standard features like sage accounts payable as well as accounts receivable. To use it, it first has to be setup and installed.

The dashboard can be customized to fit the needs of the users. Permissions must be assigned and the data must be entered. Once the accounts are created, the artificial intelligence will begin to learn. This will make gaining insights into the company easier. When daily tasks are automated, human error is reduced. Those resources can then be reassigned to more productive and profitable duties.

With automated processes compiling a company’s financials, business executives can rest assured that they are accurate, reliable and simple to understand. It is a great way to break down numbers that could otherwise be confusing. Mis-reading a company’s financials by its own leadership is one way to deal a potentially fatal blow to a business that is thriving. The return on investment of acquiring accounting software is worth all the tangible and intangible results it delivers.

A startup and small business is just trying to get off the ground. The issue is that the financials have to be immaculate for investors and the government. Software delivers these reports in less time.

How is Sage 50 setup?

Setting up Sage 50 is straightforward. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and prompts. Administrative permissions will also have to be given. If at any point something is not operating as intended, support is available. On-demand learning topics are at your disposal. There are articles, product documentation and other information in the Sage Knowledge base, too. Trusted community members who act as Sage Pros are available to answer questions online. Additionally, the Sage team answers questions through a variety of mediums.

Using software designed for your particular company size and field is to your advantage.