Virat Kohli: Net Worth, Biography, Water Price, Age More

virat kohli biography

On November 5, 1988, a working-class family was blessed with the birth of a legend. The legend was born talented with exceptional skills and some extraordinary qualities that helped that legend go on to create history by earning a handful of accolades on the cricket field and earning himself a net worth of over $140 million, making him one of the richest in his field. That legend is now known to the entire world as Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli’s road to success wasn’t an easy one. Let’s dive deeper into his life and learn everything from his birth to where he is today and what helped him earn this huge net worth. Virat Kohli’s accolades are already listed on his Wikipedia page and many other sites, so let us explore his life in a detailed way here.

Net Worth

Due to his exceptional cricketing ability and numerous brand endorsements, Virat Kohli’s net worth has risen dramatically over time. The estimated value of Kohli’s net worth is $140 million. The growth of Kohli’s net worth has been significantly influenced by his endorsements. Judging by Virat Kohli’s work, there is surely no stopping him, as his net worth will keep on growing. This topic of net worth is synonymous with Virat Kohli, in contrast to what his financial conditions used to be when he was a child.

The life that Virat Kohli is living right now is opposite from what he lived while growing up. The work Kohli has put in on the field and in his other ventures has helped him build this behemoth net worth. His fans are always supportive and often debate this topic, as this topic has given Virat more relevance than anything else he can imagine.

Life is tough for everyone, and just because your bank account has huge numbers today does not mean that it will always remain that way. Everyone’s account fluctuates up and down. The lifestyle to follow and the expenses that come with it can hugely alter one’s net worth. Speaking of Virat’s earnings till now and for the years to come, it can be concluded that Virat Kohli will easily maintain his spot as well as his net worth. With time, Virat Kohli’s net worth is expected to increase rather than decrease.


At the age of nine, Prem Kohli, his father, enrolled Virat in the West Delhi Cricket Academy. Soon, Kohli’s diligence and commitment began to show as he began to gain notoriety in youth cricket competitions. He consistently delivered strong performances and displayed his inborn batting prowess. Selectors took notice of his outstanding age-group cricket performances, and they gave him a spot on the Delhi Under-15 team as a result.

During the West Indies-hosted 2010 ICC World Twenty20 competition, Kohli experienced his breakthrough moment. He showed that he could handle pressure by playing crucial hits for the Indian team that helped them win the championship. This competition was the start of Kohli’s rapid rise in international cricket.

In the years that followed, Kohli’s dependability and desire for runs became his defining characteristics. He was known for his aggressive and fearless approach to batting in addition to his superb technical abilities. Kohli’s aptitude for playing match-winning innings and his propensity for chasing down targets became his defining traits. His subsequent performances were nothing short of extraordinary, shattering records and creating new standards.

Significant victories on foreign soil were won by the team while he was captain, highlighting Kohli’s shrewd leadership abilities and capacity to motivate his teammates. Kohli’s private life also received media attention off the field. He married Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma in a private ceremony in Italy in December 2017. The couple’s marriage developed into a noteworthy occasion in both the cricketing and entertainment industries. He has backed causes related to education and child welfare and has worked with groups like the Smile Foundation and Child Rights and You (CRY). The social impact of Kohli’s charitable activities and his position of power is positive.

Kohli’s journey has experienced ups and downs lately, with both personal and professional difficulties. Kohli has made an enduring impression on the game of cricket thanks to his exceptional accomplishments, leadership skills, and influence both on and off the field.

Water Price

Whether it is his diet or his grooming routine, Virat Kohli water price is very disciplined. Virat Kohli follows a very strict diet and is particularly mindful of the water he consumes. He imports spring water from France, which is regarded as the best spring in the world, for drinking. This water costs Rs. 4000 for each litre. Virat Kohli does not need to worry about the cost of drinking water at this price, though.

Speaking of Virat’s net worth mentioned above, Virat Kohli can easily afford to drink this water. For anyone else, this luxury can be afforded but for a short time only. If this water brand has caught Virat’s attention and investment, then surely this water brand is worth trying. There is no problem with drinking this water just to make sure that you do not go bankrupt just to hydrate your throat.

Just like Virat’s net worth, his water price is another topic that is synonymous with him. Who would have thought that your popularity will be enhanced courtesy of the water brand that you choose to drink? Virat Kohli has stated that he had many ups and downs in life and he could not focus on his diet at one point in his life. This did not stop him from becoming what he is today.

From Virat, we should learn that no matter what the cost, if something is good for you, especially your health, you should not think much about it, considering your budget. Virat Kohli’s fans support him for sharing self-awareness in these ways. If you cannot afford this water, make sure the water you drink is up to par, clean, and tested thoroughly.


Virat Kohli was born on November 5, 1988, as was previously mentioned. There is no surprise that Virat does not look like his age at all. This all comes as a result of the diet and routine that Virat Kohli follows. Virat Kohli has always stated how serious he has always been for his health. Virat Kohli follows his life principles to be healthy and stay fit and fine for his profession.

Being an athlete requires you to be as fit and healthy as you can be. Virat Kohli once shared how he waited for more than four years to enjoy his delicacy. Whether it is on the field or in the real world, Virat Kohli can be seen doing something that keeps his body and mind active. Virat Kohli has always been the role model of fitness for his fans. This is one of the major reasons why his age never matches his looks.

Fashion and hairstyles

Much can be inferred about a person from their haircut. Your personality is embraced and enhanced by a haircut. For instance, a good haircut may represent a straightforward personality, whereas a spiky haircut may represent a notorious personality. A haircut can either boost or lower one’s confidence. Celebrities have to carry with them the best haircut that improves their look and their onscreen presence.

Throughout his career, Kohli has changed his haircut a lot of times. His distinctive haircut is imitated widely, especially by young people. Virat Kohli’s haircut has often been the topic of discussion. Kohli has always been up to date with modern trends, which makes his haircut so appealing and special. Often, his particular pictures focusing on his haircut are pasted outside hair salons. Virat Kohli is also known for his disciplined grooming routine.

In addition, Virat Kohli is well known for his recognizable beard style. For men, a beard is equally important as a haircut in terms of appearance. It helps protect your cheeks from certain elements. King Kohli has always maintained a well-groomed beard to go along with his aggressive gaming style and persona. Together with his haircut, Kohli’s beard gives him a more polished appearance and great confidence.

Kohli’s fashion selections and his unique grooming routine have made him a style icon and an innovator. From a subtle undercut to a more dramatic one, Kohli has been spotted sporting this look in a variety of lengths. Additionally, he has experimented with various hair hues, including darker brown tones and blonde highlights.

Both an undercut and a more traditional short-cropped hairstyle, which he usually parts to the side, have been seen on Kohli. He has also experimented with spikes, which make him look more aggressive and youthful. King Kohli is popular for having a sharp beard that is in coordination with his hair.

Being an athlete, he needs a hairstyle that is manageable and hands-on. Because it is simple to maintain and lets him concentrate on playing effectively, his short haircut has won over fans. Over the years, Virat Kohli has entered into numerous cooperative agreements with grooming businesses. This had a significant impact on how his hairstyles changed over time.

Virat Kohli always changed his hair stylists regularly to keep his haircut updated. He always pays special attention to details while grooming. He grooms himself regularly with extra care, no matter how much time it takes to maintain his appearance. This is what makes him an international-style icon.

In addition, he is often seen sporting stylish and modern clothing. He always aims to set his appearance on a completely different level. GQ, Vogue, and MensXP, among other publications and websites, have all featured Kohli’s hairdos and a sense of style. “One of the best-dressed men in India” has been said of him as well.

Additionally, Kohli’s eye-catching hairstyles have made his fans crazy about his look, especially the youth, who frequently try to imitate his unique look. Virat Kohli is immensely popular for his athletic clothing selection as well. His gym clothes are always appealing to the eyes and look fresh and active. His selections attract everyone and are worth checking out online. He enjoys working out and considers living a healthy lifestyle crucial for his overall well-being.

Overall, Virat Kohli’s fashion choices and hairstyles have contributed to the development of his persona and made him a recognized global icon.

Manyavar, Muve Acoustics, and Puma are just a few of the fashion and lifestyle brands with which he has worked. Additionally, he has operated with discrete creators to produce limited creations. Diverse cultures and fashion trends have served as inspiration for Kohli’s hairstyles. For example, he has been spotted with hairstyles that are popular in Europe and North America, respectively, such as the French crop and the messy quiff.


His life’s journey has many ups and downs, but mainly downs. But Virat Kohli is not afraid of challenges. Not only did Virat overcome his shortcomings, but he always came up stronger and better. Everyone believes it is impossible to earn Virat Kohli’s net worth after seeing it, but Kohli himself had no idea he could. So, if you want to live a life that is above average and generates a huge net worth, like Virat Kohli, learn to be disciplined and overcome any challenges life throws your way.

Virat Kohli is the prime example of how sheer dedication and hard work can get you to places you can never imagine. Virat Kohli has also taught his fans a lot about self-awareness. Everything you do, including how you dress, stay, eat, and drink, matters. There is so much that Virat Kohli has already achieved in his career and obviously, King Kohli is not gonna settle in the near future.

His life has always been an example of greatness and aggressiveness. Thanks to Virat Kohli, many future players of cricket are in the making. Virat Kohli has proven that no matter where you come from, or how angry you are, you just need to work non-stop. It would be safe to conclude that Virat Kohli is the mentor and idol we all did not know we needed.