Vape vs Smoking – What You Need To Know


Every time you take a puff of your cigarette, you come in contact with hundreds of years of ancient history. You know how? Well, cigarettes are one of the oldest inventions ever, which is just to put it simply. If I ever to make it a little complex, I would tell you that man has been smoking since as far back as 5000 B.C. and since it is the habit that is being carried through years, we can say that history has had its fair share of cigarette.

The inception of cigarettes was through herbs since people had learned to light herbs on fire and inhale them. With time they came to a concept of wrapped up tobacco inhaled through a cigarette to reduce the harsh nicotine feel on your throat. This went on for a while before manufacturers could come up with variants of cigarettes that differed in size, nicotine strength and to an extent, in flavor too. These variants included cigars and light cigarettes/ lady cigarettes.

But, it took more than just slight modifications to get to the modern counterparts. These modern counterparts are run on electricity through batteries and have several flavor combinations available. These counterparts are popularly known as vapes, although the first of these was called an e-cigarette. Now, e-cigarettes and vapes are somewhat different, but can still be referred to by the term vapes. Although people believe that the habit is the same, the differences are pronounced enough to give the use of vapes an entirely different name, that is, vaping.

At first, the technology took a while to get its fame, but once it did, it started to steal its market share from its conventional counterpart, cigarettes. This did not come as a surprise since the technology was invented to replace cigarettes after all. However, what did come as a surprise was the continued success of vapes in the attempt. Previously, no other technology designed to replace cigarettes had been as successful for as long.

However, nobody can claim that both are perfect substitutes because of the pronounced differences between the two things. What differences? Here they are:

Flavor Flexibility

One of the most exciting features of vapes was the fact that they allowed the consumer to change the flavor. This is not something that cigarettes could achieve, even after persistent efforts by cigarette manufacturers to accomplish this sort of a configuration. The problem was that any time that they thought they were in touching distance of developing such a cigarette that would allow smokers to alter the flavor, they realized that the new technology could no longer be called a real cigarette, and so, had to discard their effort.

When vape manufacturers did manage to achieve such an outcome, consumers welcomed it with open arms and understood the primarily enhanced choice it gave them. Currently, thousands of manufacturers come up with new flavor series now and then to provide for their consumers. Moreover, the process of innovation did not just stop after the invention of only the best vape starter kits. Ever since the invention, there have been multiple improvements such as the development of pod mods and nicotine salt flavors that significantly enhance the nicotine feel of the flavors.

Nicotine Content

As is the case with flavor, the invention of vapes led to a significant change in the way people dealt with nicotine. Contrary to the functions of their conventional counterparts, vapes provided greater flexibility in nicotine. This was not just a great feature but made the entire act of coming to quit smoking possible. How?

The entire idea of getting away from an addiction is to make sure that the process is eventual. Given the alterable nature of the nicotine content, it becomes easier to lower the content enough to quit smoking for good gradually. This feature is pivotal in making sure that the aim of the technology is achieved.

However, that is not the only advantage of this feature. The manipulable nature also means that you can increase the nicotine content as much as you like. So, the feature works both ways

Nicotine Feel

One of the most usual complains of previous smokers who have moved to vape is that the nicotine flavor is not as apparent in a vape than it is in a cigarette. This turns out to be the main reasons for the failure of vapes to completely overpower cigarettes. Many people end up coming back to cigarettes instead of quitting them for good because of the supposedly miserable nicotine feel even if they vaped on the best vape starter kit.


One of the most significant effects of a shift from smoking to vaping is the decline in death rate every year by diseases such as cancer. This is evidence of the fact that contrary to popular smokers’ opinion, cigarettes are much more harmful than vapes. The reason for such a disparity between the two is the fact that cigarettes contain harmful material such as tar and several metallic compounds, where vapes don’t.