Tips to Consider When Leasing a Commercial Real Estate in Caloundra


To start a business, one needs a commercial space to serve as the headquarters for operations. While there are many things to consider in a business, rent takes one of the biggest expenses. Having said, it is very important to make careful considerations when planning to rent commercial real estate Caloundra town has to offer. Here are the essential factors to keep in mind.

Determine your business needs

Before you lease commercial space, you must have a very clear picture of where you want to take your business in the future. Do you need a small space now but want to expand later? Do you need a short lease or a long-term contract? How about the location? Do you know your target market and is it accessible to them? Ponder upon what your business really needs not just for the short term but also for the long term.

Set your budget

Since rent is a big expense, you have to set a budget to filter out your options. It is also important to check what you are paying for. Is the space worthy of its price? Will there be a future increase in base rent after a specified time has passed? Is it even reasonable? Never leave any question unasked especially when it comes to cost. This will save you from future problems. Furthermore, compare prices with several commercial real estate Caloundra town has to offer.

Understand your rent options

Understanding your rent option will give you a bigger picture if what you are paying is worth your money. Gross rent lease is a type of lease where you pay one single amount to your landlord which covers your base rent and incidentals such as property tax, maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc. A modified gross lease, on the other hand, is the same thing, but you will decide which among the incidental costs you will share payment with your landlord. So, ask your landlord about your rent options before you rent commercial property.

Consult a property consultant

It is critical to seek help with a property consultant before signing a contract. These people are expert in this field and have a lot of experience dealing with property leases that are usually complex. The complexities make it difficult for normal people to spot unexpected costs, and once papers are signed, there’s no turning back.

Review renewal and termination conditions

The length of your lease can range from months to years so you need to ensure you can renew your contract whenever deemed necessary. Talk to your tenant about the process needed for renewal. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you have the right of first refusal – a right that will give you the upper hand to buy a property if it becomes available for purchase. For example, before a tenant can post ads about commercial property for sale Sunshine Coast Qld has available, he or she needs to inform you first if you are willing to purchase the property. On the other hand, review your termination conditions because you might get kicked out just by not being able to pay your rent on time.

When searching for the best commercial real estate Caloundra has availability of, consider these options above to avoid future problems for your business. If you want to ensure a smooth transaction when dealing with property leases, seek expert help from licensed property consultants. To know more about who to trust in the town of Caloundra, visit