The Comparison Between Kava vs Kratom. Which Is Best?


Many online stores offer Kratom for sale. But only on our website, customers will find goods of good quality and various types. The strain has a considerable impact on the effects that supplement has on the human body. Also, some sellers compare Kratom with Kava. Before you buy an organic food supplement, we suggest understanding the differences. Our experts also explain the difference between the types of Kratom and help make the right choice.


Essential differences between natural remedies

Many stores or bars that sell Kratom tea and Kava do not explain the difference between these drinks. Both species are natural supplements and have a similar appearance. But they affect the human body in different ways.

  • Kratom is a tropical plant, and we look like coffee trees. Alkaloids are considered its main active substances. They act as painkillers, refreshing and relaxing stimulants. People use Kratom powder, tea, capsules, tablets, and liquid concentrates.
  • Kava is a plant from the pepper family. People drink Kava in the form of a drink, which replaces alcohol with a relaxing effect.


Similar traits

Both supplements are made using the same technology. Kratom leaves are dried and pulverized. Then it can be consumed with food or drinks. Also, many people prefer regular capsules or tablets. To make a drink from Kava, the root is dried and ground. Then the resulting powder is mixed with water to the desired concentration.
Both drugs have a stimulating and calming effect. Also, both remedies cope well with pain, bad mood, depression and nervousness. Different varieties of Kratom and Kava have more pronounced properties of painkillers, energy drinks or nootropics that cause euphoria.

Pharmacological differences

Despite similar external effects, these two natural remedies have different effects on people’s brains.

  1. Kratom contains alkaloids, which are similar in effectiveness to opiates. The action of alkaloids is milder, so people do not experience physical dependence on Kratom unless they abuse it. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine contained in high concentrations can relieve pain syndromes, improve endurance, mood. The drug allows you to get rid of alcohol and nicotine addiction, as well as abandon the use of heavy sleeping pills and antidepressants. A negative effect is possible if the patient mixes several drugs or arbitrarily increases the dose.
  2. Kava belongs to another group of plants. Active ingredients are kavalactones. The most active are six of them. There are several varieties of this plant, depending on the combination of active substances. Different types of Kava, as well as different varieties of Kratom, have a more substantial effect on energy, calm, concentration or sleep. Kavalactones do not block pain receptors, unlike alkaloids, and also do not affect hormonal levels. There are active ingredients of Kava bind to the limbic part of the human brain. This allows you to alter the mood and psycho-emotional state directly. In this case, the effect of anaesthesia is achieved due to the general calming of the body, and not due to the impact on the focus of inflammation. This explains the less pronounced effect than from Kratom. But the plus is the lack of studies confirming cases of addiction even with regular use of Kava.

It is essential not only to choose the right drug but also to find a reliable Kratom online store. Now on the market, there are many fakes, low-quality supplements that were not properly collected or stored. Unscrupulous sellers offer drugs reinforced with chemical additives. In our store, you will find the only pure product of good grades. You will feel the effect, and you can also be sure of the natural origin.