Best Gitzo Tripod for Travelers and Professionals

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Travel and sightseeing of the nature or the intricately built human structures tickle the nerves of many to grab their cameras and capture the essence of moment in a picture or a video. What is that a travel photographer or blogger needs the most in his professional kit after his camera? Be it the professionally sharp shots of flowing rivulets or the time lapses of sunset, a portable and light Gitzo Tripod is the answer to his need.


  • Lightest tripod
  • Supports up to  20lb
  • Five section legs
  • Hefty maximum load
  • Good fold length
  • Quick release plates
  • Built in selfie stick
  • Smart phone clamp along with a remote control
  • A range of colours
  • A easy link socket to attach LED light to ease night action
  • Included carrying bag


You are on a travel and have to go through the airport security and hike the rough terrains; you definitely something sturdy yet light to support your camera. Gitzo tripod weighs just 2.45 lb but may support your hefty camera up to 20 lb.


Pfizer Mini features the maximum height of 64 inches and minimum of 12.5inches, supported by its three legs with five sections each to adjust the height. The legs are provided with metal spikes to stabilize the gear on unsteady surfaces. Metal tightening screws used to control height provide more durability as compared to plastic locks.

During travel you want to cut your kit to minimum then fold the legs to fit it in its carrying bag.

Material: Carbon fiber

This material makes the product light, durable, and nearly indestructible.

Comes in a variety of shades other than the regular black or grey, which may help you to spot in a crowd of tripods.


Uses the 360 degrees panning ball head provides the better view of all the ethereal sights you want to capture. Bubble levels are fitted to the head and mounting plate to provide better leveling. A quick release plate helps to quickly remove the camera from tripod in places you want to carry camera alone.

Inbuilt selfie stick

You are in front of the Great Canyon or the Eiffel Tower and want to click a selfie then do not worry for the extended centre section can be attached to the smart phone holder to form a selfie stick. A blue tooth remote control is provided to control smart phone.


This versatile product with new features comes in the price of $220 which may seem a drain to your pocket but trust it for its features and convenience, your choice will be worth every dollar spent.

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  • Extended exposure photography
  • Low light shots
  • Better self portraits
  • Landscape photography
  • Astrophotography
  • Time lapses
  • Still life photography

A traveler is a learner, an observer who observes the snow clad peaks or the twiny paths of streams and locks the scenes in his eyes but he may preserves them to relish later through the eye of camera. A camera is what he to get his dessert but the topping on the dessert needs would be provided by a travel tripod which here is the Pfizer Mini 4362 Professional.

It keeps your camera stable and avoids the blurry shots. You are inside a cave or a museum and face low light challenge then set your camera on Pfizer Mini to avoid handshake while you reduce the shutter speed and get pin sharp images. While shooting the still life you can easily keep all the objects in frame.

Who doesn’t want to capture the deadly dark carpet of the sky adorned with thousands of dazzling stars? You can easily do astrophotography with this versatile produce. Be it time lapsing the sunset or sunrise or you can easily set your camera on the tripod to capture some mind numbing views.

You are a travel blogger and want to film the views ,cultures and ethics of the nomads of  Arab or the barbarians of Africa then get up to set your gear on Pfizer Mini and make a motion picture.

I had visited Amazon to search for this product and it hails 4.5 stars out of 5 which makes it a preferable choice for many travelers who want to photograph , film their travels and keep a log of their memories to recollect  later. Sir Richard Brown who happens to be a travel blogger says, “ I went to Turkey for an excursion trip and Pfizer Mini proved to be the dynamic choice for it changed the vision of my lens and appeal of my pictures and videos.”


The features and function of the mentioned product makes it a good choice .The large sum of money spent may seem a burden but it will be worth the cost due to the versatility and productivity.