The Best Money Transfer Apps for Android and iOS

Money-Transfer Apps

There are various many situations where money transferring seems to be the only option to encounter several deeds and activities. Just an example, it can be considered that there are certain conditions like repaying any of the known entities, paying the bill, or sending a cash amount for collective issues that can be made by a peer to peer money transfer application for facilitating the transaction.

For store shopping or some gorgeous dates, we all want to make the monetary transaction easier. Thus digital money has extended to be comfortable and feasible like easy dices. Smartphone technologies which are sophisticated and mobile applications generally help us in these situations.

The Best 11 Money Transfer Apps for Your Android/iOS Phone

Money transfer apps do not usually necessitate the input of banking details thus to attain the facilities of these commodious payment solutions, some of the best money transfer apps are listed below with their benefits.


PayPal can be reckoned as one of the oldest money transfer apps long before Google, Venmo has dwelled their feet on the earth. The benefit obtained from PayPal is that it is capable of making international transfer along with executing various transactions in reputed establishments. The only disadvantage concerned with this platform is that sending and receive money on this medium takes a little bit longer time than usual.

2Google Pay

Google Pay  offers users a seamless money transferring experience through the usage of their phone. The usage of a finger print sensor is required to access the application. You can send and receive money through the send tab which is located at the right bottom side of the application.

The utilization interface is very user-friendly and the best thing is that the money is transferred within a moment.


TransferWise has gained multiple good track records, ratings and feedback for being one of the easiest and simple money transferring applications in the platform of Android and iOS. The user can literally gather all of his contacts in one place and can slowly choose to whom they are about to send and receive money.

For the application’s absolute convenience, the application can only execute repeat transfers that correspond to certain bill payments and gadget recharges.

4Apple Pay Cash

This application is a great way of to send and receive money. The installation of a third party application is not at all necessary when you have an iPhone and all the contacts are stored there. You can select any amount and click on pay by the A symbol which is just next to the camera icon. One you request money or send money all it needs is your Face ID or Touch ID.

The sender can directly send money through iMessage or Siri. It is a very simple platform.

5Western Union

Western Union offers the provision of estimating money transfer fees while starting the transaction. It also facilitates the user by fetching the track record to know whether the money is collected or not.

The specialty of the application is that it enables the users to utilize their phone camera for scanning the debit or credit card for contributing to a new payment option. Western Union provides the ability to send and receive money over 200 countries or territories.

All the western union branch listing is included in their service. Apart from that, the services render a geolocation system for tracking the western union nearby agent.


Venmo is an incredible application to send and receive money to any of your peers or entities. The amazing part of Venmo is that you don’t have an expenditure of a single penny for transferring payments through venom account, bank accounts or debit cards. Venmo costs 3 percent of fees for the credit cards. Venmo facilitates its users with a bank opined security system which keeps them safe from hackers and another kind of threats.

7Facebook Messenger

There is a wonderful feature that has been made possible by the Facebook Messenger is to allow any citizen of the United States to send money by the mode of this very application. You can easily deliver money by clicking on the dollar sign which is located beside the tool option for sharing photos or you can also click on the ellipsis situated on the right side for opting out further additional options.

You can send or pay any amount by just a single click once the debit/credit card set up is ready.

8Square Cash

Square Cash can be recognized as an easy and simple money transferring application through which you can easily send, receive or request money by adding a simple link to the debit card. The process is under constant evolution.

The transaction of money is completed by a moment’s touch which is a delightful obtainment from this application.


Azimo application for the android and iOS devices is best when you are planning for receiving and sending money while traveling. It is smart and easy to use application where you can scan your cards and enter various payment methods along with remaining updated about the transactions. Generally, the transactional updates are executed through the medium of push notifications.

The local phone contacts get synchronized over here through which you are enabled to add new contacts. On the other hand, the authentication and identification sensors are built through the medium of the user’s touch.

The applications keep the users secured and protected.

10Chase QuickPay

Through the medium of chase application, the customers are provided access to the banking optimizations which are inclusive of the chase’s smartphone application. On the other hand, the people who are not the customers are also capable of sending and receive money through the bank’s QuickPay feature options.


WorldRemit offers the users the providence to send and receive money over in more than 100 countries and territories through the medium of safe and secured protocol.

It is primarily user-friendly and the exchange rates are convenient. How the money receiver will receive the money is very much comprehensive as the recipient will receive an alert when the transaction is successful.