Gutters are Clogged? 5 Easy Ways to Check It


You count on your gutters to protect your property against the elements of nature. They are one of the key lines of defense against rain as they effectively channel the water away from your home or commercial property. When your gutters are working at their best, they prevent your property from taking on water damage. To be able to do their job, your gutters have to be maintained so that they stay in good working order.

Clogged gutters can cause a lot of problems for your property as this issue makes it impossible for them to work effectively. With this said, these are five ways that you can easily check if you have a clogging issue that requires professional gutter cleaning in Melbourne.

Do a Visual Check of Your Gutters

One of the first ways that you can check if your gutters are clogged is to do a thorough visual check. This should begin with you walking around your property to look at all of your gutters and their downspouts. If you have upstairs windows that allow you to view your gutters from above, this can also be helpful. Some of the things that you need to look for during this visual check include:

  • You spot signs of wood that is rotting on your fascias
  • You can see obvious signs of gutter clogging
  • You can see vegetation actively growing in your gutters
  • Your gutters are drooping and visually misshapen

There Is Staining That Is Accumulating on Your Siding

Another easy way to check whether you have a clogged gutter issue at your property is to look for the buildup of staining on your siding. If your siding is starting to become stained, this is a sign that your gutters have standing water in them. Stagnant rainwater can cause damage in various ways. Your roof shingles can end up sustaining damage and the fascias behind your gutters can end up rotting.

You Notice a Pest Problem Coming From Your Gutters

A third easy way to check if you have clogged gutters is to look for pest issues. If you notice that some various pests and bugs are crawling around in your gutters, this is a tell-tale sign that they are clogged. It is common for animals such as insects, mice, and birds to create nests in clogged gutters. When you see these signs, it is a strong indicator that you need gutter cleaning.

Your Gutters Overflow When It Rains

Yet another key way that you can easily check if you have clogged gutter problems is to watch for the visible overflow of water when it rains heavily. If you see water visibly falling over the sides of your gutters, it is a strong indicator that there is a clog that is preventing them from being able to do their job of funneling it to the downspout of the system.

Do a Visual Check of the Ground Underneath Your Gutters?

Returning to visual inspections, checking the ground underneath your gutters is another easy way to tell if you have an issue with clogging in the system. You could have clogged gutters even if you did not spot any of the previously listed issues. If your downspouts have become clogged then you will see issues coming out where they empty.

If you see splashback at ground level from your downspouts, there could be a clogging issue. Another thing to look for is cracks in your property’s foundation and damage to brickwork. If you notice mold issues around the bottom of a downspout, it can also be a sign that there is a clogging issue.

These are five of the easiest ways that you can check your property’s gutters for clogging issues. If you notice these problems, it is time to call in the services of a professional gutter cleaning and maintenance company that can correct the issue for you.

Keeping your gutters working at peak capacity is a key aspect of maintaining your property and preventing other types of damage from occurring. The simple reality is that routine gutter maintenance is a long-term money saver as it will cut down on other repairs that can end up being much more costly for you.


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