Best Sites Like Solarmovie – Top Solarmovie Alternatives in 2020


When we come to watching movies online, Solarmovie is one of those sites that pop into mind instantly. However, the popularity of this site has also made it an attractive target for governments around the world. Many countries have blocked it, and as a result the site can’t be accessed by a large number of users. In this situation one obviously wonders about some alternatives of this site where movies can be watched for free.

Best Sites Like Solarmovie

Here we’re going to share with you a list of top Solarmovie alternatives that you can use to watch movies for free. Let’s begin:

1Hulu – Best Site to Watch Movies and Shows online

Hulu is special in the way that it often provides you access to latest episodes of TV shows and new movies earlier than others. However, a downside is that it is available in US and Japan only. The plans of site start at $7.99 per month, but that is for subscription-only TV shows. Any shows or movies that are free to watch can be watched for free.

2MovieWatcher – Watch HD Movies Online

MovieWatcher has been allowing people to watch movies in HD quality since a long time. The site has been redesigned multiple times, and as a result it has become more polished and uncluttered than many other sites that stream movies online. The best part of this site is that it doesn’t include any annoying ads to make it difficult for you to navigate the site. You can easily find your desired movies either by using the search bar or by navigating to your preferred genre.

3Yes Movies – Best Movie Streaming Site

Yes Movies is different from other online movie streaming sites because its collection is quite large. Unlike other sites that are tied to the content of any specific country, Yes Movies has got some content from almost all major countries. Its collection doesn’t end with movies alone – you can also find TV episodes and even Netflix Originals on it. You can also sort the content available on it by name – just visit the A-Z library page of site. A downside of this site, however, are ads that open up in various pop-up windows as soon as you click anywhere on the site.

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4Movies.GG – Big Collection to Watch Movies

The special thing about Movies.GG is that it’s available in multiple languages. You can use it in English, German and French. In addition to that it’s also ad-free, just like MovieWatcher. You can sort its collection either by genres or by ratings depending on your preferences from the toolbar in left side. It also shows you related movies based on what you watch, just like YouTube. – Latest Movies and TV  Shows

Housemovie’s uncluttered and polished user interface makes it one of the most preferred destinations for watching both movies and TV shows. On the homepage you’re shown a search bar, and below that search bar you can find the links to pages that display latest added movies, popular movies and new movies. If you like doing random things for fun then it also has a ‘Random Movie’ button that you can click to let the site choose a movie for you randomly.

6Yify TV – Online HD Movies for Free

Yify TV is a simple and straightforward site where you can watch movies simply by searching their names. There’s no navigation bar and no other useless clutter in the site. Some buttons have been given for easily finding the popular movies of most popular genres, but even those buttons are not too many. The downside of this site, however, is its dark-colored theme that may not appeal to many users.


So this was our lit of top 5 Solarmovie alternatives that you can use to watch movies and TV shows online. No matter which movie or TV show you want to watch, there’s a good chance that you can find it on at least one of these sites. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try and share your thoughts in comments.


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