8 Signs Your Faucet Needs Repair

faucet repair

Efficient faucets are needed for a smooth life of any homeowner. A workable faucet is needed for various everyday things, including brushing teeth, washing dishes, and more. However, just like other things in a house, faucets wear down and might need repair. Keep on reading this article to find out the signs of leaky faucet repair that you should never ignore.

Signs Indicating That Your Faucet Needs Repair

If you think you are having a leaky faucet, reaching out to a plumber should be your first and immediate step. Do not ignore these warning signs of needed leaky faucet repair:

  • Dripping water

Seeing a dripping faucet? You should know that it is a common sign of high water pressure in the pipes. It can also indicate that valves are not functioning well. You should never ignore this sign for many reasons. One of them is the waste of water that can cause the increase in utility bills.

  • Your faucet is noisy

Faucets often produce a variety of different sounds. However, you should never ignore any noises as they indicate that your faucets requires repair. Some sounds might indicate a minor problem that you can solve easily. However, clicking or clanking sounds are often a symptom of a more serious issue.

  • Corrosion or rusting

If your faucets get rusted, it is one of the main signs that you should consider replacing them. Have you noticed corrosion? Unfortunately, it is an indicator that your faucet is not functioning properly anymore. Rusted faucets are especially dangerous in the kitchen because they make water unhealthy to consume.

  • Discolored water with odors

Is your water discolored, or does it have an unpleasant odor? This is also an obvious symptom that your faucets are not in their best condition. You should keep in mind that any water discoloration makes it dangerous to drink. You should never consume discolored water, if you do not want to get sick. Any water discoloration or odors are the good reason to invite a plumber immediately.

  • Your faucet is spitting

Every time you turn on your faucet, you should see a strong stream of water. However, if the stream is weak instead, it is not a good sign. The situation is even worse when your faucet is gurgling and spitting because it is a sign that the aerator is clogged. The good news is that you can easily replace the aerator itself. If the spitting issue does not disappear after aerator replacement, you should contact a plumber.

  • High water bills

If you do not take long showers, your high water bills can be caused by something else. One of the reasons is a dysfunctional faucet that requires repair or replacement. As mentioned above, a leaky faucet can significantly increase your water bills. Therefore, if you notice that you are paying more water than you should, make sure to call a plumber and check your faucets.

  • Buildup of minerals

Have you noticed mineral buildup inside your faucets or around the outside of them? These minerals can be quite dangerous for your faucets as they can affect filters, gaskets, and seals on the inside of the plumbing. Unfortunately, in most cases, the only way to solve the issue with mineral buildup is to replace the entire faucet.

  • Your faucet is too old

Everything in your house has its own lifespan, including faucets. The lifespan of faucets vary, depending on their make and models. However, in general, homeowners have between 10 and 15 years of their faucets. Thus, if your faucets are getting too old, you should consider replacing them.

Importance of Prompt Faucet Repairs

it’s important to make sure your faucet is in good condition and taken care of promptly when issues arise. Here are just a few reasons why prompt faucet repair is so important:

  • Avoiding water damage

If you don’t take care of any leaks or drips from your faucet right away, the water damage can quickly add up over time and become very expensive to fix. So whether it’s a small leak or something bigger like an entire pipe bursting, it’s always best to get these things fixed as soon as possible before the problem gets worse.

  • Ensuring water quality

When there are problems with your plumbing system such as clogs or broken pipes, this could lead to contaminated water coming through into your home which isn’t safe for drinking or bathing in! Promptly repairing any issues with the plumbing system will help ensure that only clean and healthy water enters into your home at all times.

  • Preventing higher repair costs

If you wait too long on fixing minor issues like dripping taps then those little problems can turn into much bigger ones down the line resulting in more expensive repairs than what would have been necessary had they been dealt with earlier on! So by taking care of them now you’ll save yourself money (and headaches) later on down the road!

Prompt faucet repair is key when dealing with anything related to plumbing systems including taps/fixtures. Taking action now will help avoid higher costs later.


Understanding the signs indicating that your faucet needs repair is crucial for maintaining a functional and efficient water system. By addressing issues promptly, you ensure the longevity of your faucets, avoid water damage, and enjoy clean water. Don’t ignore the signs—take action for a seamlessly flowing water experience.

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