How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac or Windows with Disk Drill Photo Recovery Software

Disk Drill

It is quite often that one may lose his or her data which used to be stored safely in the system. The reason may be anything from a virus to a corrupted hard disk. Now onward you don’t have to worry if you have deleted your important photos or files by mistake. With the help of disk drill, you can recover it in in fractions of seconds. Unlike other third-party applications that promise to recover your data free of cost but fails to do so our software is very reliable and promising. Disk Drill is one of the best SD card recovery software.

Disk Drill

The best part is Disk Drill is a cross-platform which means it Mac operating system for Windows it can help you recover deleted photo on Windows as well along with any of your files deleted by any means. For for a General user losing his or her data main cause panic but for a professional it will be a financial asset loss for sure. But worry not disk drill will not let that happen, you can easily recover data from SD card that is lost at any point of time.

Now let’s not just brag about it and also see how to recover deleted photos from computer practically and get our problem solved. You have to follow the easy steps as mentioned below:


The first step is pretty much obvious that is the installation of disk drill software in your system. First and foremost is you have to download the application from the official website. Then after you need to drag it to the applications folder in order to launch it. During installation, you can also see the additional tool-set which is recommended to be downloaded as well. The tool-set comprising of recovery drive, data protection, database backup, smoothness your system’s performance and makes it light and seamless.


Now comes the time to launch your software. It is pretty much ordinary just like other software, during the launch process you could see some check boxes and permissions for the installation of some models that keep track of the deleted folders and files in it. All the check boxes should be checked marked, and you have to simply go on continuing by accepting the terms and condition.

Disk Drill Launching

Finally, you could see it has scanned through your system and displaying the list of tampered data and files. You can also connect wireless devices either with the aid of a data cable for or a Wi-Fi connection in order to run our software through it and recover its deleted data. Get more information about how to recover deleted photos from a computer.


Generally in the first scan it is not always possible to come across the hidden files as a result of which one can opt for an explicit scanning as well. The second time it will be a deep scan and might take some more time in comparison to the first one since it was a quick scan. Disk Drill has the capability to detect a corrupted folder as well and recover the files from it. This feature is not available for free of cost in other data recovery software.

The deep scanning is pretty awesome, as it lefts no stone unturned. As a result, it’ll take more time for recovering the data. Also, even if the data is corrupted or some hidden file, it’ll be recovered successfully too. In general, the pictures and music files consume less time, whereas video files consume more time as the data recovered is in broken form and needs to be merged. It is strongly recommended to go through the official website in order to have a better perception.

Disk Drill Scanning

Filter Search

It might be the case that there are a plethora of data that has been recovered, but all of them are not required and only a few of them. In that case, it’ll be really hectic to sort out a particular file out of the list of dumps, thus Disk Drill provisions you with filter option, that plays a very vital role and saves a considerable amount of time. Time is important to all. You can filter out the recovered files by extensions, i.e. you can bifurcate images, MP3, videos etc. Also, you can sort by them in alphabetical order that is an added advantage.

There are multiple options in the form of check boxes that follows all files recover in one go or selected file recover only. Hence the impeccable list of data gets recovered in a jiffy. The process is more or less the same for both the operating system be it Windows or Mac. Well, the snapshot below shows how to recover deleted photos on Mac operating system.

Disk Drill Filter Search

So, overall we can see that disk drill is a very fast and simple data recovery software. It has a bunch of flexible scanning modes available that too free of cost. It also gives you a preview before the final recovery in order to save your time and consume less space that might get occupied by unwanted recovered files. A plethora of file extensions is supported by Disk Drill. Unlike other data recovery software in disk drill, there is no limitation to the size of data recovered. Most of the apps allow 500 to 1000 megabytes of data to be recovered.