Protein Shakes: Fact or Fad?

protein shakes

Protein shakes have been the ‘go to’ supplement by people trying to compensate for the protein requirement in the body for quite some time now. It is no longer just for the athletes or the would-be Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Today many people right from young to old opt for protein shakes to meet their requirements. But is it really as beneficial as we know it to be? Or have we given it too much regard in making it a part of our lifestyle? Let us understand Protein shakes a little better to answer that question.

What are Protein Shakes: A Closer Look

Protein shakes or protein supplements are an extraction from dairy and non-dairy sources like cow’s milk, peas, soy, etc. The making of protein supplements involves the removal of naturally occurring elements like fats and carbs. They are then replaced with nutrients, supplements and additives to make them suitable for the body. 

All shakes need to meet certain mandatory health parameters before reaching the market. The FDA approval is a sign and an assurance that the product is authentic. 

How Much Protein Do I need?

Now, this is a tricky question because the requirements vary as per the body. Every individual has their own requirement as per their training goals. The US Food and Nutrition Board has although specified a limit to the intake i.e., 0.8g per kg of bodyweight. Now, this may differ if you want to bulk up or tone down. Thus, in protein shakes, either go with the prescribed limit or measure your scoops before filling your body with them.

Benefits of Protein Shakes

Although there are many benefits of consuming protein shakes, the key is in the quantity or scoops you ingest. Remember, the protein cannot make you healthy, it can only make you lose weight. They are just supplements and cannot do the heavy lifting for you. So, with the perception that protein shakes are an excellent way to lose those extra pounds, let us see some of its benefits. 

Decreases Hunger 

Protein shakes contain ingredients that increase the releases of appetite, reducing hormones significantly. They contain various nutrients that help you feel fuller for longer, thus supporting you to reduce weight. 

Improves Metabolism

Protein shakes when combined with strength training results in building muscles. Muscles consume more calories than fat and thus require enormous energy to digest it. This improves metabolism.

Prevents Muscle Loss and Metabolic Shutdown

Weight loss often can lead to muscle loss and this can slow down metabolism. But with protein shakes you can compensate it and it can help the body recover the wear and tear. Thus, your body becomes balanced and loses weight healthily.

Prevent Re-gain of Weight

Protein shakes effect metabolism, appetite and muscle mass and keep the lost fat off. In fact, once you turn to your regular diet, protein shakes along with some light exercises can keep those extra pounds off for a long time.

Which Protein is the Best?

Whey protein is superior among proteins as it absorbs relatively fast as compared to soy and casein. Besides, whey is also 3 times more effective than soy as per the studies. Although some studies suggest otherwise, most athletes and trainers agree with Whey. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Protein Shake

Protein Shakes are tricky. If you consume more, you are just whacking up your calorie count and if you consume less; it is of no benefit. Either way, it’s your loss. So, let us see some common mistakes that all of us do when we turn to protein powder for a healthier body.

Do not Load it Up

Go sugar, dry fruits and some almond milk? Why not load it up with protein powder? After all, it will be filling! Never load your protein shakes with extra top-ups as it will fill you with more than necessary calories. Rather use low fat and low-sugar ingredients for that desired taste.

Don’t Fall for Fishy Prices

If you are finding a great deal in protein powder like a good quantity bottle but less price, stop right there. Such too good to be true deals are packed with fats and carbs and will do more harm than good. Rather go for whey isolate protein shakes. They are a bit expensive but will deliver the expected results. 

Too Much to Consume

Never go for too much. If you are loading your fridge with chicken all the while consuming protein powder, then it will only result in a widened waistline. Protein powders are supplements of actual protein from food sources. Thus, they should be consumed in limit or with the help of calorie calculators. 

Your Timing is All Wrong

If you are under the perception that you can consume protein shakes any time of the day, then you have landed yourself in trouble. This sort of concept is only for the bro science community. The right time to take protein shakes is right one hour after the workout. This is the time when you feed your tired muscles the necessary supplements for repair. 


Protein shakes have become a dire necessity for working out professionals but have also occupied the tables of individuals looking to lose some pounds. The current global market for protein supplements value at USD 18.90 billion. This is expected to grow by 8.5% by 2028. 

This opens a whole new domain of supplements to look out for. With world leaders leading the markets, good protein supplements can be the key to healthy living in the near future.. But, for now, to know more about your buying options, head over to We review and recommend only the best products based on popularity, demand and quality.