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Now a days, people spend more time on internet than before. The reason is that due to the pandemic outbreak everyone wants to stay safe therefore they prefer staying at home. For this you need access to different OTT platforms where variety of this content is easily available and you can enjoy them with your friends and family. People also prefer streaming them online rather than downloading them or buying them.

By visiting pagalmovies, you can not only download movies, but also enjoy high quality streaming. Many people from the subcontinent enjoy visiting this movie site and making full use of it. There are number of categories and different genre to choose from. You can not only find the latest, but old movies here too.

So, whenever you get time to relax and want to watch movies in good quality, just search pagalmovies on Google and you will be in a world of entertainment where you can find movies in Hindi, English, Telugu and Marathi. You can also find Hindi dubbed movies of Hollywood.

Downloading has been made so easy for you that you can easily download them in any format you like such as MP4, HD, MPEG etc. Not only this, but you can find a range of quality too starting from 240p to 1080p and you can change them as you want while watching the movie. Same is the case if you want to download them.

Talking about the content of the site, it is latest and always keeps updating. However, you can encounter virus if you download the movies therefore, if you wish to download then it will be risky. Viruses can make the performance of your device go slow. For this you should download a good anti-virus. The good thing is that anything that is available on this website is legal and everything that is available on this website is acceptable by the government.

You do not need any registration for Pagalmovies

Although leaked movies are available on this website, but you do not need to register any account. So, you do not have to be scared like other websites who ask you for your log in details and steal the data. You can get access to amazing HD movies as soon as you enter the website on Hindi as well as other languages. The user interface of this website is extremely user friendly and easy therefore searching any particular movie will not be an issue for you at all.


There is a huge collection of movies in HD quality on this website. You can get to find latest content with respect to movies as well as other video content. They are updated on a regular basis. Millions of users from across the globe who are Bollywood fans enjoy watching movies on this website. Another good feature that you can enjoy on this website is that you can alter the languages as per your liking.

Movies and their updates

Movies are updated on daily basis on this website that is the reason people want to visit this website again and again. So, the latest movies get updated and the upcoming ones too so that you can keep a check on your favorite ones and download the new movies. Not only this, but you can even download the movies which were released by Netflix on this website.

Can you download web series on Pagalmovies?

Yes! You can. Pandemic has boosted the urge of people to watch web series rather than a single movie because pandemic keeps them involved and if the series are available for free then it is the best thing ever. So, pagalmovies also gives you access to web series and that too in a good quality. The web series also come in different languages so you can watch them in the best option that suits you any time anywhere. But one thing we would like to recap here is that is platform is illegal and pirated in nature.

Bollywood movies in HD

Who doesn’t love Bollywood? If you are a diehard Bollywood fan then you must be excited to watch old and classic Bollywood movies. All collection is available here in high-definition result and that too without any cost. Not only this, but you can find dubbed version in Hindi of any movie you like. Latest movies and upcoming movies are also available here. Since the site gets updated every now and then so be assured that there will be nothing that you will be missing out here. You will most probably and highly likely find that movie in the collection.

What are leaked movies?

Sometimes when the movie gets released in theatres, cinemas or OTT platforms, they get leaked through cinema and they get accessible to general public through sites like pagalmovies where you do not have to pay anything to watch these movies. All you need is a good internet connection. This gets very frustrating for the movie makers who have spent millions of dollars or rupees in the making of a film.

One thing is worth mentioning here that you cannot compare the experience of watching a leaked movie on such websites with watching it in a cinema or theatre. There is high difference in quality and experience. obviously the later one is better. That is the reason government has made some rules and penalties against the users and the makers of pirated and illegal websites. Pagalmovies is a pirated website. Make sure do never open it on your mobile device. It can cause malware.

Range of qualities

You can watch these movies in a range of qualities available and even download them in your preferred quality. For example, 1080p is the most demanded quality. However, there are some movies which are not available in higher quality versions. Not only this, but the trend of 4k movies is so popular. You will be surprised to know that pagalmovies have movies with 4k quality. There is an upcoming trend coming that websites will only upload movies in 4k technology to enhance the viewership and experience. many platforms do it legally, but now illegal ones also do it for free.

Short films on Pagalmovies

If you are someone who doesn’t want to watch long movies and just want to enjoy short movies, then pagalmovies is the right platform for you. even in the case when you do not have enough limit to download long movies, enjoy watching short films on pagalmovies. You can enjoy them in different languages and search the short films too. This pool also gets updated much frequently. You can visit this page any time anywhere.

There is a huge collection of movies from different countries, languages, genre and categories. If you are a movie goer type of person, you must not visit this website since it will make you double minded. Pagalmovies has unlimited content and if you are not much friendly with the technology, this website can cause you trouble in terms of viruses too. Content here is free, but every free thing is not good. Some things come up with a price.

If you want to watch movies and web series without compromising on quality there are legal websites and platforms for this purpose such as Amazon prime, Hulu, Netflix which are paid. They also contain documentaries and other types of video content.

Categories and genre

Mostly people like to switch the genre for example, if one day you are watched a horror movie you will definitely want to watch a comedy movie the next day to relax. So, this website has a genre of horror, romance, thriller, documentaries, drama, comedy etc. Each of these genres has its own collection of hundreds of movies. Also, action and horror movies are fun watching in HD quality. Make the full use of pagalmovies to enjoy each genre.

Dubbed movies

People like to try new things. And mostly people now a days are trying movies from not only different region of their own country, but also from different countries. Dubbed movies are also available here on pagalmovies. Not only for people who want to translate each movie in English, but there are people who want to watch Hollywood movies, but cannot understand English. So, they have a choice to watch the movie and download it in their preferred language.

Accessible links

Despite of many complaints and bans against this website, it still manages and continues to offer updated and massive range of content to millions of users across the globe. You can get access to the link through the below mentioned domains:

  • com
  • vip
  • trade
  • south
  • site

While you are watching movies on illegal websites, make sure to watch them on private browsers or through VPN enabling since otherwise the government can catch you through your IP address.

Since watching movies on such websites which do not have the rights to display the content, is a criminal offence and each country has its own punishment for this. You do not necessarily get caught every time, but the risk of your device getting exposed to virus or malware is always there.

How to use Pagalmovies?

It is as simple as ABC to get access to this website all you have to do is type in any of the above-mentioned links in the browser and the site will open. There is new content visible on the landing page and then it has categories to choose from. There is also a search bar available where you can type the name of the movie you are searching for. Then there are options to stream or to download.

Sometimes it is blocked by the government so people might find it difficult to approach and enter this website. For this you will have to unblock it with the help of VPN and easily enter the website.

Old movies at Pagalmovies

You can enjoy downloading old movies and watching them with your children again to revitalize your memories. Yes. Old Hindi movies are also available especially the classic ones and most famous ones even if they are copyrighted. All you need to do is search in the old movies tab or search in the search bar with the movie name. Often people like to watch ones available on the landing page if they already don’t have anything in mind. You can have to choosing the quality, movie, language option.

Safety comes first

If you want to download the movie and want to watch it on a later time, then downloading option in different qualities is also available. However, one thing is to be mentioned again that since this is a pirated website therefore, nothing is safe here.

You can end up on a virus containing page and get caught up in trouble with respect to your device on which you are downloading movies from pagalmovies. This will make the performance of your device slower. Therefore, you should keep this in your mind that there are similar websites which have equally good content, but they are in paid form. So, you can avoid trouble by paying a little amount.

Such websites are not safe and it is not recommended to use them. in worst scenario, if the government catches the viewer and the maker of such websites, they’ll be punished with a heavy fine and ending up in jail for minimum 6 months to 3 years.


This article is just to provide you information regarding pagalmovies and we do not encourage and support illegal websites and pirated content. Legal websites and platform are safe and always a healthy way of entertainment without any fear.

This article is just to educate the readers about the idea of such websites. Because many people do not even know that such websites are illegal since once, they type in a movie name, these websites are on top of the list due to their viewership and one can accidently end up on them without even having the idea that these are illegal.