Top 5 Mobile App Development Ideas during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Coronavirus has unsettled human civilization these days. The lockdowns imposed by countries around the world have taken a toll on people, emotional toll in particular. Industries worldwide are facing economic downfall, and striving to retain their identity.

Nonetheless, even in the middle of the uncertainty and the lockdown mayhem, mobile app development has gained momentum like never before, since consumers now have more time in their hands. The norms in social distancing are getting more stringent and today, businesses are transforming their strategy to stay afloat. The plans are rock-solid since they are meant to use the online platform so as not to defy any quarantine and social distancing regulations.

When it comes to the mobile app development market, a mobile app development company should constantly innovate and evolve to cater to the changing requirements of people nowadays. The growing reliance as well as the consequent growth of the mobile app industry could be deemed as a chance to plunge into the world of mobile application development.

Top Mobile App Development Ideas during Covid-19

1eCommerce Applications

Long before the pandemic hit the world, eCommerce applications have captured the consumer market. The outbreak now only leads to an unparalleled rise in popularity. As the demand for basic necessities escalates, the online applications came to the rescue of people who remain in their homes because of lockdown.

Pharmacy apps are terrific in associating with eCommerce apps, since pandemic or otherwise, health is a never-ending priority. Its relevance is only going to grow with the ongoing pandemic. Today is the perfect time to work on it and boost the process of reaching out and connecting physicians and pharmacies to people.

A professional service provider, such as a mobile app development company to build these apps. Another great option is food delivery and grocery applications.

As more and more people are forced to stay at home, these apps could help provide the items necessary for day-to-day use. While maintaining hygiene and adherence to guidelines imposed by governments are paramount, the apps have captured the attention of people, young and old alike, more and more.

2Fitness Applications

People are becoming more conscious of their health. However, the lockdown has closed gyms and other fitness centers. Mobile app features provide actionable information, such as reminders to wash hands, wear masks, and so on with notifications synced across wearable watches and devices.

Even if you’re in perfect shape, using a workout fitness application is a simple option to keep up with the routine. The best way of motivating people is through live streaming workouts. People at home are the perfect audience for your platform.

A balanced, healthy diet boosts the immune system and helps fight and prevent diseases. The proper diet app suggests healthy meals.

3Recreational Activities Apps

Because of schools, workplaces, universities, and offices closed, everyday life has become tedious and mundane, and even boring. Gaming apps, video-streaming applications, dating apps, social media apps, movie-streaming apps and more have become very popular. The companies providing app development services, such as a React Native app development company could craft an idea of developing this app that stands out from the rest.

4Educational applications for schools

In these areas, there is so much space. There are several topics and subjects, which could be transformed on a digital level. Education is evolving, and modern solutions are used in both the home and the classroom setting. The secret recipe of these apps is the gamification methods applied in apps that differ greatly from the standard educational system, but the vital concept however is to maintain engagement.

Besides the lessons, online tools ease up the entire learning process. The messaging features and feedback systems enable better communication between students and teachers. Nothing is better than live streaming video lessons with a chance to effectively communicate, ask questions, and acquire answers by educators and learners alike.

5Language learning

Today, there are now many language learning apps, and most of them prosper due to their one-of-a-kind features. Unlike most popular applications, the company already has loyal clients and an offline foundation that’s well-developed. The mobile application could be a vivid tool for the best learning practices, robust knowledge base, and charismatic teachers.

6Remote tuition

At present, children could not attend school physically because of the danger of contagion. Likewise, adults could not attend their classes. Despite the lockdown however, knowledge continues to have gigantic value. The online tutoring idea is to provide teachers a platform to be able to go on with their lessons.


A wonderful way of raising capital with collective contributions, as well as the efforts of family, friends, individual investors, and customers. It channels via a big pool of people, typically on social media and other crowdfunding platforms, through optimizing the use to reach the maximum number of people possible. The outbreak generated many uncertainties, which include the crowdfunding community.

Because of social distancing, people are turning online most of the time. Digital marketers are smartly making messages that they believe would get good returns as people are spending more and more time online. Moreover, traditional eCommerce platforms have shrunk advertising budgets.

Social platform crowdfunding campaigns however, such as Instagram and Facebook are rising in popularity. These campaigns need not worry about constraints in inventory since those backing it do not expect to receive the products right away.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, the ideas above are just the tip of the iceberg as ideas for startups are endless, and one could decide what works best. The Coronavirus pandemic all over the world is likely to stay for a while, and economies would take some time before it would be able to go back to normal, to go back to the usual routine.

In this scenario, mobile apps are getting a fresh lease of life, thanks to the proactive measures taken by organizations and businesses ahead of time. This pandemic has halted businesses, yet there are some industries that are doing well. Customers new focus on industries that use digital tools to do business, like those mentioned above.