Mistakes you need to avoid in your cyber security job

cyber security

If you have been working in the field of cyber security, then you know very well how much a mistake can cost someone. Through this article, you will get to identify some grave mistakes that people make in their professions that ends up costing them a successful career. If you are also making these mistakes, then take note and put it in your to-do list to fix them first thing tomorrow morning.

Ceasing to learn new things

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in their jobs, especially cyber security jobs is not to learn constantly. This doesn’t mean that you should be reading lots of books every day, but that you should be continuously expanding your horizons by expanding your skills and the knowledge you have of your field. For example, if you have completed your ceh training, then you can ask your boss to support you in your penetration testing training so that you as well as your organization could benefit from it. If you lag behind in learning about the current and latest developments in your field, then your value as a cyber security professional will quickly go down.

Losing focus and attention

As an information security specialist, your job will require you to stay focused and pay hawk-like attention to identify and detect security issues with the digital systems. Therefore, if anything is making you lose your focus or weaken your attention, then you need to address it urgently. Not getting enough rest and sleep and not keeping your mind sharp through exercise could also lead you to feel lethargic and inattentive at your work.

Not using the internet properly

Are you using the Internet for productive purposes? Have you ever thought that while you are busy scrolling your social media feed in your free time at the office, you could be using that time to learn ethical hacking online? We don’t realize how much the Internet distracts us and pours our precious time down the drain. Make sure that you are using your idle time, especially the time you spend on the Internet, to use the bounty of modern technology to its fullest. There are so many resources that you can utilize to upgrade your knowledge, create a community and even build your network through the Internet.

Staying in your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone will not do you any good. If you want to grow in your personal as well as professional life, then you need to try new things that seem scary, uncomfortable or daunting. It could be saying yes to a new project or accepting an extra responsibility that doesn’t fall under your cyber security job role. A lot of people don’t feel necessary to go the extra mile in their jobs and end up complaining about why they didn’t get promoted like their teammate who joined later than them. How much initiative you take, how flexible you are and how willing you are to do proactive work at your job decides how far and quick you will climb the hill of professional success.

Not communicating enough

Sharing your ideas and strategies with your team members, boss, superiors and most importantly, the top management is quite necessary to grow in your cyber security job. You won’t just need good communication skills on your side, but you will also need to communicate frequently and frankly with people in your organization. Not communicating with people outside your department and organization is also a grave mistake you must avoid making in your career.

Remember, there is no better time than right now to fix what you know can be improved.