The Best Marketing Features to Look for in CRM

CRM - customer relationship management

Today, everyone is involved in marketing. From small startup companies to big business organizations, everyone loves to shoot the creative marketing emails and the various kinds of promotional content for a wide range of audiences and groups, present world-wide.

But, have you ever stopped to consider,

  • Is it really helping my business to grow?
  • Are the marketing and the promotional content reaching and attracting the targeted audience?
  • Does the content really help my business in selling the company’s products and/or services?
  • Have you ever cross-checked?

In the digital age, it is very difficult for businesses to win the hearts of potential customers’ because they are always competing with countless other companies to attract the buyer with eye-catching marketing messages and emails. Not surprisingly, the majority of businesses are failing at differentiating themselves and capturing the customer. Why? Because they are failing to understand the customers’ needs, interests, tastes, expectations, likes, dislikes, past purchases, web behavior etc., as well as targeting the wrong customers’ with inappropriate content.

Your business needs to utilize the CRM software solution. CRM can help your business to understand, collect and store the complete customer information such as customers’ wants, shopping behavior, age, demographics, average income, personal details, web behavior, profession, social media accounts and so on., on a centralized database.

Furthermore, the CRM solution analyzes and segments the stored customer details into the various targeted audience groups. Suppose teenagers are visiting your business store frequently, you can segment them into a separate group and target them with the relevant teenage material.

This targeted messaging will evoke interest and liking of your brand, attract more customers to your store, and radically improve sales numbers. Using a CRM system will help your business to send the relevant promotional marketing content to the right audiences, at the right time.

  • Does your business engage in profit driven marketing campaigns?
  • Do you want to use CRM to build the best marketing strategies for your business?
  • Planning to purchase CRM software?
  • What are the marketing features to lookout while purchasing a CRM system?

Here is a list of features not to miss:

Integrated Email Marketing

While you are purchasing CRM software, checkout whether the CRM system can offer email marketing capabilities as well as integrating with the other third party applications.Also, make sure your purchased CRM solution is compatible with popular email marketing services such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, iContact etc.

The integration of email marketing with the other third party applications can help your business to better use the third party services and to centralize all the information within the system.

Campaign Management made Easy

Campaign management is one of the most useful features in CRM software. While you are planning for CRM, you must look out for this feature – campaign management. You can use this feature to create and develop multiple marketing campaigns and further, to increase the effectiveness of these campaigns. Thus, campaign management can help your business to drive sales and revenue.

Moreover, in this campaign management feature, your CRM system should include the following capabilities – campaign testing, cross-promotion and up-selling. Additionally, you can create, test, and deploy the multiple campaigns (such as newsletters, email, advertisement, online campaigns), as well as analyze, measure, and generate campaign results in real-time.

Customized Analytics

In cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, the system automatically collects and records all of the customer data on a centralized CRM database. This will help CRM users to easily access and understand the consumer and their behavior in real-time.

You can also use customized analytics or customized modeling features to translate raw CRM data into meaningful statistics. This will help your marketing staff to understand the customers’ purchasing habits and trends and enable them to make quick and informed business decisions.

At the time of purchasing CRM software, you should find out whether you’re purchased CRM solution can provide your business with customization tools, ability for your business to create the client (or) donor list, and effectively track the leads generated from the multiple touch points.

Consider all the above key marketing features while you are purchasing CRM solution. And also, you should spend some time to study about your business and the right features to look out for in cloud-based CRM software. This background research will help your business to be equipped with the right CRM marketing features.