Kickass Torrents Alternatives – Best KAT Proxy Sites (UPDATED)

kickass torrents

We have complied list of best Kickass Torrent alternatives that you can consider as most secure and trustworthy torrent sites.

Kickass Torrents was the most infamous site in the world of torrenting but the site was taken down due to some legal controversy. Kickass old domains, torrent tracker and all servers were seized by FBI which were managed by Kickastorrents. The admin of the website Artem Vaulin was arrested in 2016.

Blocked Kickass Torrents Domains


It’s the time to change your way and drive to the best Kickass Torrents alternatives. There is no doubt that Kickass Torrents used to be one of the most popular sites for the torrent but now no more. But that doesn’t mean you cannot access to those content anymore. There are a plethora of better alternatives to Kickass Torrents which will provide you with the exact similar content that too way more compatible. The piracy lawsuits of Kickass Torrents won’t let you down no matter in whichever region around the world you are.

The most important thing is there are different websites and web portals that promise to lead you for the optimum alternatives but unfortunately end up the engrossing malicious virus in your system. Concerning about the safety and security of our users we have listed down some of the trusted alternatives of Kickass Torrents that you can avail through.

Best KickassTorrents alternatives

We have an amazing list of some best alternatives to KickassTorrents where you can find similar content. Any Torrent site with a poor user interface is of no use. So it is obvious that the GUI is a major concern while judging any Torrent website.

1337X is undoubtedly the first choice for browsing torrents. Even if you have not made up your mind for browsing then it will help you immensely.  Not just it is usually lucrative but also its performance is the same. Every week it lists down the most popular category of content for ease of users.

A plethora of torrent sites is only concerned about the content but not the user privacy. But this portal provides you with both the distinctive attributes. Having a never-ending collection is not what matters but the way the website presents it in front of the users so that it can be readable and well manageable matters. 1337x possesses a high standard layout that gives a distinct view and way better experience.

There is nothing to say about The Pirate Bay as it is already impeccably famous all around the world. The indexing of torrents is incomparable having a plethora of selection. Most importantly the users are fed up of the ads which are permanently blocked now onwards for a seamless user experience.

Despite the fact it was raided 4 years ago it still persists its fame without any drop in a number of users. It is widely renowned for distributing over 3 billion copyrighted materials without causing any harm to your system. The users are increasing exponentially which gives a deep and accurate understanding of its performance. Only boosting and bragging about it won’t make it achieve that.

RARBG was owned by Bulgaria but as of now, we have the authority in Amsterdam. Well focusing on the important part is you can transfer data of as high quality as 1080 pixel without any sort of buffering issues.

An average internet connection is more than enough to provide a seamless user experience. It is also widely renowned for the list of latest movies that are uploaded here before any other portals. It is a little different from other torrent sites. In addition to the cool torrent sites, you will also be provided to get a direct download link. 

The channel guide Download means they won’t be additional sample files but only the desired target content. So the preference for opting this website completely depends upon the user need. Based on some perspective it might not be good but at the same time, on the other hand, It will be the first choice for some users having the same requisite.

The mirror links have extraordinary hassle-free performance that is evidenced by a plethora of users all around the world for varied purposes. It can easily pacify user’s requirements.

It might be the case that many of you have come across this name for the first time. So it is highly recommended to give a try to this clone of Kickass Torrents. Yes, you read it absolutely correct it is a clone of Kickass Torrents that means Kickass Torrents is not entirely dead.

As per the recent statistics, it is evident that this hotel is steadily growing in popularity. For the user convenience, one can channelize this portal for movie purpose solely.

A majority of the users are concerned about movies than other content, so from that perspective, it is a great choice. There’s a similar rule with i.e. the Philippine domain having more or less the similar attributes.

Even this uniform resource locator is a good enough source for indexing of entertainment software and media files. You’ll be immensely surprised to know that is the only recommended site that lets you avoid the use of a virtual private network for overcoming the security concerns.

Extratorrent still rules the land in the era of torrent sites. It is strongly hyped over 3.5 million other torrents. Now once again we have to focus on the user needs. New matches whether the user is concerned about entertainment or be it any software, the extra torrent has a good collection of both. Not only this but also it is children play to download any Torrent file from this site.

A single click on the magnet link will land you to the torrent app and you download will begin automatically unlike other torrent sites. In most of the cases, b health of download also depends upon the web portal that means it is a serious concern. Keeping in mind extra torrent is a great base for all newcomers and old as well.

TorLock is widely popular for its huge collection of anime files followed by a bunch of music torrents as well. One feels the UI to be true even without conscious reasoning, yes it’s absolutely true. We all know the growth of anime viewers in this era, so just imagine how cool is its portal which is referred the most by all its users so far.

Maintaining a particular genre is not what attracts users but the appropriate blend followed by good quality matters and sticks the users, especially the audiophiles. To be honest it is the ideal torrent portal for anime enthusiasts. This is what makes its community active as anything.

The daily basis update on the website shows the care for users by the authority. No user can avoid this even distribution of enabling entertainment and quality at the same time. Despite so many features, the navigation is not at all complex, unlike other torrent sites.