Instagram & Facebook are Down, So Users Got Logged Out

Instagram and Facebook

Meta’s Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Threads are down for both desktop and mobile users. Login attempts are being blocked by error messages.

Insta and FB are experiencing server issues. Users are reporting problems with page loading. Downdetector has recorded over 300,000 Facebook outages and 47,000 Instagram outages globally.

Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, is addressing service access issues. Spokesperson Andy Stone stated on X social media that they are currently working on a solution.

Insta, FB, Meta, Messenger down at 8:56 pm. Users can’t load content on feeds. Problems with app, login, and uploads reported.

Login problems and feed refresh issues

Users are having problems with Facebook and Instagram. Some are getting logged out of their accounts and can’t log back in. Others can’t refresh their feeds or see stories and comments. The app Threads, made by Meta, is completely down and shows an error message when opened.

Why Facebook and Instagram are down?

Meta’s dedicated page displays the current status of their business products, with a Major Disruptions label for Facebook, Graph, and WhatsApp Business. This is likely a technical issue on Meta’s end and we are waiting for an official statement. Based on past outages, services should be restored soon.