How to Write Research Papers – Useful Tips for Students

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Once you have stepped on a college path, you will be required to work hard and to do many college assignments. Writing research papers is one of them. Why do we write a research paper? Mainly, it is used to explore scientific, social, and technical issues. When a student has to write a research paper for the first time, it may seem quite complicated, yet with a proper organization and mind focus, the process will go smooth and much more accessible.

Writing a research paper can be done in four stages. Students have to focus on selecting a topic, doing in-depth research, completing an outline, and the writing itself. Your research paper will not get done by itself.

Of course, you can find help on the internet. Any subject, starting from general topics as a literature overview and finishing with more precise issues like research paper on police brutality, can be found online. Choose for yourself how you want your college assignment to be completed. In this article, you will go through all stages to get a useful skill in writing professional research papers.

The first stage: selecting the topic

It is an essential step in your project. Sometimes, students are allowed to pick up a subject by themselves, but in most cases, a research paper has strict requirements, which are limited by specific work-related guidelines. When it is possible students should write about something they love.

Writing with passion always gives excellent results. Students should discuss the topic with their professors or tutors for helpful advice. They will guide you in the right direction to achieve academic success.

The second stage: researching

Once the topic is selected and discussed with the tutor, it is time to start your in-depth research. Students should know that there are two methods to do the research. You can use either primary sources such as articles from the journal, newspaper articles, or available articles on the web.

Usually, professors ask students to refer to the first method. Typically, students can use web resources if the final result is free from plagiarism. We would recommend you to use all possible sources of information to achieve better results. Do not forget about the library on the campus. Do not think that it is something from the past. Inevitably, a librarian will give you professional advice. However, if you are limited in time, just look online for the desired information. The secret is to stay creative with your research paper.

The third stage: make your outline

Once a student has collected all the necessary information, it is better to print it out or make a photocopy for making notes. You have to read your sketch research, take meaningful notes, and highlight the significant phrases.

Your records must be well-organized. It will take some time to achieve clarity in your outlining process. Divide notes into categories. Finally, do not forget to prepare a particular page with all references and bibliography.

The fourth stage: writing a research paper

Start with writing the body of each paragraph. Write down the essential points of your research paper. Use some quotes based on your in-depth research. Pay attention to writing a proper and meaningful conclusion, which will summarise all the content of your research paper and will give a sense of closure to your readers.

Some experts recommend writing the conclusion even before the introduction. When you write the introduction, you should start by introducing the topic. Focus your reader on the main area and do not forget to supply the thesis. You have to document your research paper to avoid plagiarism. Consider the proper formatting. You can use different formatting styles, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Once the draft is written, you must edit all spelling and grammatical mistakes. After finalizing the significant points, you are ready to present your final draft. Check once again the line spacing, margins, etc. The completion of this will finalize your research paper! Finally, save the document and print it out.


Students should have a clear understanding of what a research paper is. In fact, it is an extended essay. We use research papers to present our own vision and knowledge of specific arguments. When students write essays, they are free to use their opinions and learning about the subject. When you want to write a proper research paper, it has to be based on your research and the view of experts.

A research paper involves the most relevant information in that field. You will have to use many sources. The most important is not to get lost in a sea of sources. Hopefully, the brief guide on how to write research papers will help you accomplish the task efficiently with positive feedback from your professor and readers.