How to See Upvoted Posts on Reddit App

See Upvoted Posts on Reddit

Imagine this: You’ve spent hours scrolling, chuckling at memes, and diving deep into fascinating discussions. You upvote a post that strikes a chord, but then…it vanishes! Fear not, fellow Redditor, for this quest isn’t over. Unraveling the mystery of “how to see upvoted posts on the Reddit app” is simpler than you think.

This guide will be your map, leading you back to the contents you cherished once.

But before we start this journey, let’s acknowledge the upvote’s temptation. It’s a silent expression of appreciation, a virtual thumbs-up for the witty, the insightful, the downright hilarious. But where do these upvoted posts go? Do they become digital dust, lost in the Reddit void? Absolutely not! So, how to see upvoted posts on the Reddit app? With a few navigational tweaks, you can revisit them and relive the joy of discovery.

So, Let’s start this virtual adventure! We’ll navigate the upvote archives, explore hidden corners of Reddit, and perhaps even unlock a few secrets to making your own content shine brighter. Ready to set sail? Let’s begin!

The Allure of the Upvote: Where Do Likes Go?

We tap that little orange arrow with abandon, a silent expression of appreciation for a witty meme, a well-reasoned argument, or simply a post that tickles our fancy. But how to see upvoted posts on the Reddit app? Where do those precious upvotes go? Do they vanish into the digital heaven, never to be seen again?

Thankfully, the answer is a resounding no! But unearthing them requires a bit of navigational finesse.

Method 1: Your Profile, Your Upvote Haven

  • Your Profile

Tap your username in the app to embark on a journey to your Reddit profile. It’s your personalized command center, a reflection of your Reddit activity, and a gateway to rediscovering past interactions.

  • History Tab

Your Upvote Wayback Machine:** Within your profile lies the “History” tab, a portal to the past showcasing your upvoted posts on the Reddit app, comments, and even the subreddits you’ve ventured into. Consider it your own personalized “best of” compilation, curated by you!

  • Upvoted Posts

Now comes the moment of truth! Under the “History” tab, tap “Upvoted” to witness a chronological tapestry of your every upvoted post on the Reddit app. It’s like a personalized hall of fame, a reminder of the content that resonated with you the most.

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Method 2: The Upvote Filter: A Targeted Search

  • Subreddit Safari

Set your course for any subreddit that piques your interest. Whether it’s a haven for cat memes, a deep dive into historical mysteries, or a community dedicated to your favorite hobby, each subreddit is an island waiting to be explored.

  • Filter Frenzy

Embark on your search by tapping the search bar. On the right side, you’ll find three mysterious dots (…). Don’t be fooled by their modest appearance; they hold the key to hidden treasures and all of your upvoted posts on the Reddit app!

  • Upvoted Posts Filter

Tap those dots, and a menu unfolds, revealing the magical “Upvoted” filter. With a tap, voila! Only posts you’ve specifically upvoted within that subreddit will appear. It’s like having a VIP pass to your upvoted posts on the Reddit app.

Method 3: The Third Eye: Utilizing Third-Party Apps

While Reddit’s native features are handy, third-party apps can offer even more granular control over your upvoted posts. Apps like “SnooSnoo” allow you to snooze upvoted posts for a specific timeframe, ensuring they resurface later for another read.

Others like “Reddit History Explorer” provide advanced search functionalities to see your upvoted posts on the Reddit app, letting you filter by subreddit, keyword, or even sentiment analysis. Explore these options to curate a personalized “best of” experience.

The Upvote Ecosystem: Understanding Visibility Factors

Beyond your upvoted posts on the Reddit app, several factors influence a post’s visibility on Reddit. Knowing these can help you strategize future content. Consider the following

  • Posting Time: Studies suggest specific times are better for higher engagement. Experiment to find your subreddit’s sweet spot.
  • Crossposting: Share your content across relevant subreddits to expand your reach.
  • Subreddit Rules: Each subreddit has unique guidelines. Adhere to them to avoid removal and maximize visibility.
  • Engaging Titles and Content: Craft captivating titles and high-quality content that spark discussion and keep users engaged.

Remember, upvotes are just one piece of the puzzle. By understanding these additional factors, you can craft a holistic strategy to enhance your Reddit experience and make your voice heard loud and clear.

Beyond Upvotes: Unveiling Reddit’s Hidden Gems

Now that you’ve mastered the art of revisiting upvoted posts on the Reddit app, let’s venture beyond the familiar. After all, Reddit is a universe waiting to be explored, brimming with hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

  • Sort by “Top” or “Hot”

These options act as spotlights, illuminating the most upvoted and interacted-with posts within a specific timeframe. It’s a fantastic way to catch the latest trends and discover community favorites.

  • Explore “Rising”

This section is like a treasure chest filled with emerging trends and rising stars. Dive in to discover content gaining traction organically, offering a glimpse into the future of Reddit discourse.

  • Embrace the Subreddit Sea

Don’t limit yourself! Set sail for subreddits related to your passions, and you might just stumble upon niche communities with content you never knew existed. Imagine, a haven for fans of obscure historical figures or a community dedicated to creating pixel art!


So there you have it, fellow Redditor! Equipped with these navigational tools and a thirst for exploration, you’re now ready to rediscover your upvoted treasures and embark on exciting new adventures within the vast Redditverse.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end with finding your upvoted posts on the Reddit app. Dive deeper, explore hidden subreddits, and embrace the joy of connecting with communities that share your passions. Let your voice be heard, contribute meaningfully, and watch your content rise organically, fueled by the power of genuine engagement and quality.