How to Have an Enjoyable and Cost-Effective Summer Travel Excursion

summer travel

It’s easy to see why so many of us do most of our traveling during the summer months. With the abundance of agreeable weather and leisure time the season brings, it’s only natural that we’d choose summertime for our most ambitious travel excursions. However, if there’s one downside to summer travel, it would have to be financial strain.

After all, even the most enjoyable trip is liable to leave a bitter taste in your mouth if it leaves a hole in your finances. Anyone looking to have an enjoyable summertime jaunt without breaking the bank can benefit from the following pointers.

Make Reservations Well in Advance of Your Departure Date

Since summer is widely regarded as the busiest season for travel, it isn’t hard to see why airfare, lodging and other travel-related expenses are so pricey during this time of year. So, if you’re looking to save money on summer travel, it’s time to start planning ahead. This step is particularly important for people who are interested in visiting popular, tourist-rife destinations.

While it may not carry the same level of excitement as a trip taken impulsively, planning your summer getaway months in advance stands to save you a considerable sum. After all, there’s no rule that says summer is the only time you can plan summer trips. The further in advance you book airfare, hotels and travel packages, the more money you’re likely to save.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Tourist-Heavy Destinations

Visiting a tourist-heavy destination during the busy travel season is practically asking for a headache. Having to contend with scores of other travelers wherever you go is likely to place a tremendous damper on your vacation and potentially even sour you on the idea of summertime travel in general. Furthermore, popular destinations generally aren’t cheap – especially if you’ve failed to plan ahead.

So, if you’re not keen on overcrowding – especially during an active pandemic – you may want to consider traveling to a destination that isn’t teeming with tourists. Fortunately, there are many such destinations scattered across the U.S. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look. Provided you’re willing to keep an open mind, you should be able to find hidden gems in every state with the help of your preferred search engine.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you can never visit popular destinations. However, you may find doing so to be less expensive and overwhelming during the off-season. Additionally, if the popular locale you’re hoping to visit has agreeable weather all year long, consider turning it into a fall or winter getaway and choosing somewhere more out-of-the-way for your big summer trip.

Don’t Eat All Your Meals at Restaurants

It’s easy to see why so many travelers opt to eat all of their meals at restaurants. After all, part of the fun of being on vacation is not having to worry about meal prep and being able to sample a smorgasbord of new snacks, entrees and desserts. However, as budget-conscious vacationers quickly discover, this approach to dining can leave a sizable hole in your finances. Depending on the size of your travel party, each meal is liable to cost upwards of $100, even if you stick with reasonably priced options.

So, if possible, try to limit the number of meals you and your travel party eat at restaurants. Luckily, this is much easier than you may think. For example, consider staying at a hotel that provides guests with free meals, springing for a travel package that includes meal coupons and packing your own snacks and lunches throughout your trip. As you’ll find, there’s no shortage of hotels that offer complimentary breakfast buffets. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can never dine out while on vacation. In fact, limiting yourself to one restaurant meal per day can be a great way to reward yourself frugality and provide you with something to look forward to. Maryland-bound travelers, for instance, are sure to love sampling the best restaurants in Eastern Shore, MD.

Summer is the perfect time to embark on an ambitious, fun-filled travel excursion. Unfortunately, the high costs associated with summer travel often hinder us from taking trips during the busy season. While it’s true that traveling during the summer can cost a pretty penny, there are numerous steps you can take towards making a summer trip more financially feasible.