Home Boilers – Busting Common Myths


Buying a new boiler for your home can become a little challenging because you need to make an informed decision. This article will bust out common myths that are making rounds on the internet and make it clear on what is true and what is not.

1Home boilers only works well when fully condensing

There is this myth that home boilers work at their best only when they are fully condensed. It is not true. Boiler repair experts have stated that it does not need to fully condense to operate at the optimum. This is because home boilers bear a large heat exchanger.

2Home boilers need large radiators

This is a myth and it is actually not true. In the heating world, big means nothing therefore a big radiator does not offer any solution. Once you realize that the central heating system is not heating, it means that sludge or air could be affecting the system. Huge radiators will not only cost you more but will also make the room really hot and then turn off reducing the heat which will not be so beneficial to you. On top of that, it will cost you much money in the long run. The boiler may also get overworked by the large radiator and fail to get to temperature as it could be designed for a certain output capacity.

3Expensive boilers are the best

This is not the case. To have the best boiler, make sure you go home with the warranty to ensure that your boiler parts and boiler repair are covered. Before you settle on a specific boiler, consider its energy efficiency and have a same day boiler repair done often to save you the stress of breaking down.

4Home boilers don’t offer a good bath and are not suitable for bigger homes

This is not true. People nowadays take shower frequently than they used to in the past. Home boilers are suitable for all homes as they offer instant hot water and they do not store this water like the traditional systems. This saves much on cost as the users only heat the water they use instead of heating a pool of water at once. Boilers are becoming more popular offering different capacities suitable to different home sizes.

5A big home boiler fails to take the pressure

The idea here is to fit the system to its 100% purpose. It is important to budget for such boiler repair eventualities and let the gas safe engineer check the boiler from time to time.

6The bigger the boiler, the more heat

This is another myth that is not true at all. It is not how big the boiler is but the size of the radiators that determines the output from the central heating system. It is therefore important to know the size of the radiator to be able to choose the boiler that will best serve your home’s heating requirements. A right-sized boiler is an energy and cost-efficient than a large one that could even not perform as expected. Go for a correctly sized boiler to keep your heating bills on the low and save energy.

7Hot water takes longer to reach the tap

This used to be the case in the early days but with the modern boilers, you preheat the water before using it. You can turn on this function and get a small amount of handwashing water and then turn it off to save energy and heating costs.

8The home boiler has no back up if it fails

This myth is true in cases where there is no hot water tank or electric immersion. This means that you will receive no hot water if the boiler stops working. Most modern home boilers come with 8-10 years warranty to keep you covered in case of boiler repair experts are needed. As the owner, make sure you service your boiler annually to give it a longer working life.

9Home boilers are very expensive

This used to be true in the early days when the heating materials were costly. In the modern-day, this myth is false. The heating materials are no longer expensive, and there is so much advancement in the thermodynamic field. The manufacturing costs have also fluctuated reducing the prices of the boilers as well.

10Boilers are not reliable

There was a time that boilers could disappoint their users in terms of reliability. Compared to the newer versions of home boilers, they have an advanced tech that is more reliable than the old ones. So, this myth is no longer true in the modern days where the boilers are excellent in quality and reliability.

11Home boiler installation is hard

Hire a gas safe engineer or a professional boiler installer to do the job for you and you will consider this as false. The vice versa is also true. Get assistance from LS1 boilers where they understand the significance of installing the boiler properly and values better quality work. They also offer a same day boiler repair in case of a failure in the system. As the homeowner, decide on a suitable position for the boiler installation to be permanently done to avoid spoiling it when moving it to another position in the future. As a matter of fact, home boiler installation is not any different from that of an ordinary gas or electric boilers. It should not be considered as an out of this world process.