5 Highest Paying Cybersecurity Jobs


The world has been digitalized with an increased dependence on tech and software to process data and other valuable information. This has in turn led to a rise in cybercrimes across the world and every organization finds it significant to protect their data from malware and other cybersecurity threats.

An increased risk of cyber threats has led to a rise in demand for cybersecurity risk management courses globally. Graduates in this program are highly skilled in handling cybersecurity threats and are experts in the technological sector.

What are the highest-paying cybersecurity jobs?

With the increase in the amount of digital data, cybercrimes are expected to thrive in the coming years. This arises the need for skilled professionals and the demand for various cybersecurity job roles is on the rise across the world. Let’s discuss some of the highest-paying cybersecurity jobs.

1Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior officer in an organization who is endowed with the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining the security of an organization’s databases, systems, and applications. You must develop and monitor information security programs to ensure the safety of databases. You must also conduct security awareness training for employees and ensure that the organization works according to the regulatory compliance rules.

According to PayScale, the average annual salary for a CISO is $1,56,329.

2Malware Analyst

A malware analyst examines, identifies, and resolves cyber threats such as viruses, bots, trojans, etc. You must also detect the nature of this malware and develop tools to counter further attacks.

Reports suggest that malware analysts earn around $71,062 annually.

3Security Architect

Security architects assess the systems for malware and run penetration tests and risk analyses to determine the efficiency of systems and databases. As a security architect, you must also design and develop security solutions that help prevent malware attacks.

A security architect is paid $1,24,958 annually.

4Cybersecurity engineer

As a cybersecurity engineer, you must implement security measures to prevent cyberattacks in an organization. You must troubleshoot various network and security problems and respond to the breaches immediately with strategies ready. You must also collaborate with other teams to assist in the creation of cybersecurity platforms.

A cybersecurity engineer earns an average annual salary of $94,036.

5Penetration tester

Penetration testing is also known as ethical hacking. Penetration hackers use various penetration tools to identify vulnerabilities in a system and database. This helps detect the areas that require action and more efficient security measures. Doing so helps in the prevention of cyber-attacks and malware risks.

A penetration tester takes home an average annual salary of around $1,07,767.

Although these are some popular cybersecurity jobs, there are plenty of other career opportunities available across the world. All it takes is the right educational qualification and experience to land a lucrative job in the industry. You have to stay updated about the latest technologies and understand the changing nature of cyberattacks. If you are interested in the prospects of working in the cybersecurity industry, enroll in a cybersecurity diploma program today.