Heathrow Flyers – 10 Tip Top Travel Photography Tips

travel photography tips
travel photography tips

Photography is the perfect way to capture and preserve your travel adventures for years to come.
So before you fly from Heathrow, here are 10 photography tips to help you take the ultimate travel snaps.

1Start early

Sunrise provides the perfect lighting for most photos. So by heading out early (before sunset), you’ll be afforded some spectacular photo opportunities. Plus, there’ll be no crowds about to spoil your shots.

2Check out the competition

You should check out the work of other travel photographers to see what they’re doing well and not so well. This way, you can mirror their most effective strategies while avoiding their mistakes.

3Use local knowledge

Locals know the area better than anyone, so they’ll be perfectly placed to suggest the most interesting places to add to your portfolio. Get the ball rolling by downloading the Flip the Trip app where you’ll find a huge network of people.

4Do your homework

Don’t rely solely on advice from others when shortlisting places to visit – do your own research too. Find out what the most iconic spots are and how to reach them. You should also look for lesser known places too, as this will differentiate your collection and give it an added edge.

5Take your time

It’s natural to want to see as many places as possible during your travels, but if you rush from place to place, you won’t get top-quality photos. So give yourself enough time to acclimatize to the places you’re visiting and assess the conditions so that you can capture the best shots possible.

6Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most important in photography. It enables you to frame your photos in a way that’s pleasing to the eye – so follow it. If you’re unfamiliar with this technical concept, you can find out more on the Digital Photography School website.


Editing enables you to transform a good photo into a great photo, so it’s worthwhile to invest in some editing software. Just ensure you don’t go overboard with the changes that you make to your photos, as they’ll soon begin to look unnatural.

8Always carry a camera

Photo opportunities can arise at any time, so make sure you always have a camera to hand – even if it’s just your phone camera.

9Tell stories

Behind every photo you take, there’s a story which you need to try to bring to life by capturing the whole context of the moment. So when you’ve spent hours hiking to the top of a mountain, take photos which effectively show the height and challenge of the terrain.

10Drive to the airport

Don’t risk your precious photography equipment getting damaged on cramped and crowded public transport. They’ll be more secure in the boot of your car, so drive instead and book Heathrow Airport parking on Loooking4.com for fantastic deals.
Follow these tips and you’ll be well placed to take some picturesque photos in Heathrow and beyond!

That’s our list! Share your travel photography tips in the comments section.