Difference Between Hotel and Motel

difference between hotel and motel

One of the most common mistakes made by travelers is confusing a hotel with a motel, traveler must understand the difference between hotel and motel before starting journey.

A motel is typically smaller than a hotel, and they don’t offer as many services. Motels are generally less expensive than hotels, but they don’t provide the same level of amenities or service.

A motel is an establishment that provides short-term lodging, with rooms that have basic amenities such as air conditioning or heating, and in some cases, TV and a private bathroom. The motels are usually cheaper than hotels and offer fewer services such as breakfast and room service. A hotel is an establishment that provides long-term lodging with more services such as breakfast, room service, and pool access.

So that’s proper for you? That all relies upon your price range and what you are searching for in a vacation. No count what you choose, we are certain you may have an incredible time! Let’s understand the difference between hotel and motel.

Advantages of Hotel

  • Nearness

One of the greatest requests of remaining in lodging is its vicinity to other areas. Most inns are found downtown or in metropolitan regions, frequently following airplane terminals, trade locale, or visitor destinations. Their nearness makes it simple for travelers to induce to where they need to go without the bother of driving or taking open transportation. In expansion, they are prime areas for travelers who are going to conferences or open occasions.

  • Variety of Benefits

Inns have numerous alternatives accessible to fit the requirements of each traveler. They offer an assortment of room styles, from straightforward to extravagant, depending on your budget. Beyond benefit.

There’s too a gigantic assortment of sorts of lodgings such as:

  • Boutique Hotel
  • Luxury hotel
  • Budget hotel
  • Extended remaining hotel
  • Sustainable lodging

Disadvantages of Hotel

  • Expensive

Lodgings can be terrific, advertising numerous phenomenal conveniences, but this implies that they are regularly expensive. Lastly, there can be covered-up costs that you just aren’t anticipating, such as the mini-fridge stocked with merchandise that you just ought to pay for after you remain.

  • Large & Noisy

Lodgings can be gigantic, with numerous rooms lined up in long corridors. This will mean parcels of strolling on the off chance that you’re put on the distant side of the inn. These long passages permit the commotion to travel. If you’re a light sleeper, it implies simply may listen to the dinging of the lift, the crunching of an ice machine, or visitors strolling intensely within the hall.

Advantages of Motel

  • Low Cost

Motels are great for budget travelers. They are a cheap and simple way to urge a great night’s rest. In expansion, most motels come with a continental breakfast. This implies simply can get up and get a not-too-bad chomp to eat sometime recently heading on your way.

  • Vehicle Comfort

Motels are ordinarily as it were one or two stories tall, amplifying the long way rather than by tallness. Typically, incredible for drivers since it implies that they can usually park right exterior of their door. This implies that they don’t get to take part of the time to carry in all of their stuff, and they can keep an eye on their car.

Disadvantages of Motels

  • Messy

As we have said sometime recently, motels are cheap, which implies that they aren’t continuously 100% clean. The preparation of the cleaning staff may not continuously be perfect, and in some cases, they are over-burden with work.

  • Risky

Given that the area of motels is regularly nearby major streets, they are not continuously the most secure. The contrast between inns and motels is that passage entryways are put on the outside dividers, meaning that anybody seems to come up to your entryway or car.

Difference between Hotel and a Motel

There are some basic points that make big difference between Hotel and a Motel.

  • Appearance / Property Size

One of the most ways that inn and motel settlement differs is in format and development. Hotels regularly contain hundreds of rooms over a few floors; the rooms are associated with staircases, lifts, and inner corridors. Motels (like these adore motels in Brazil), on the other hand, by and large, have a one or two-floor format and the rooms are accessed specifically from the car stop.

  • Cost

Now let’s circulate to pricing. When it involves lodges and inns, there’s a large distinction in price. Hotels are an awful lot higher priced than inns. This is due to the fact lodges provide plenty greater services than inns. They additionally have large rooms with higher views. Motels are more basic. They may also have a pool or a small lobby, but they do not have the identical variety of services as lodges. Because of this, they’re an awful lot much less high priced.

A few of the other contrasts include incongruities in cost and, regularly, within the length of remain. Lodgings by and large cost more per night, in spite of the fact that their area is key in deciding this. They are too planned for longer remains, from weeks through to months. Motels are by and large the cheaper choice per night, in spite of the fact that they are planned for shorter days (as a rule many days).

  • Location

When it involves locating lodges and inns, the area is everything. Hotels are discovered in essential metropolitan areas, whilst inns are discovered in greater rural areas. This is due to the fact lodges cater to enterprise tourists who want to be near the city, whilst inns cater to entertainment tourists who’re searching for a greater enjoyable getaway. Hotels also are much more likely to be discovered close to airports because they cater to enterprise tourists who want to be near transportation. Motels are much more likely to be discovered close to highways and go-out ramps because they cater to entertainment tourists who’re searching for a handy location to live whilst they are on the road.

In conclusion, Hotel is in a perfect world found near fundamental healthcare and shopping centers, police stations, and other basic adjacent places, whereas a motel is found close to the highways and as a rule on the edges of the city.

  • Facilities and Services / Amenities

The hotel industry is approximately advertising more and way better facilities and administrations to draw in the greatest number of visitors and clients. For this reason, there are numerous facilities you’ll get at hotels, counting; swimming pools, Jacuzzis, exercise centers, eateries, open-air regions, gardens, shopping centers, etc.

Motels don’t offer any amenities that come beneath the hotels to create it brief. You may not discover any swimming pools, room alternatives, wellness, and wellness comforts, or anything other than a significant dinner and a little room with restricted furniture in a motel.

  • Safety

There’s no clear winner among lodges and inns when it involves protection. Both sorts of motels may be secure or dangerous, relying on a whole lot of factors. If you are involved in protection, it is critical to do your studies earlier than reserving a room. Read reviews, ask pals for recommendations, and test out the crime facts for the area.

In general, lodges tend to be placed in busy city areas, whilst inns are much more likely to be discovered in much less populated areas. This could make inns greater at risk of crime, but it additionally means that there are much fewer foot visitors and greater possibilities for visitors to experience isolation. The exceptional manner to make sure your protection is to be aware of your environment and agree with your intestine’s instinct. If something does not happen, it is exceptional to discover any other location to live.

  • Employees

Both establishments regularly utilize a number of diverse laborers. In inns, you’re likely to discover receptionists, concierges, chefs, maids, parking valets, doormen and lift administrators. A chief or two are moreover regularly on obligation. In motels, on the other hand, you’re likely to discover receptionists and servants. In littler premises, these parts might cross over.

  • Stars / Rating

Most hotels are found with star ratings between 1-5 whereas approximately many motels are not found with any star rating or found with 1-2 ratings.

Best Hotels & Motels


  • Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Serena Hotel, Islamabad
  • Mahali Mzuri, Masai Mara, Kenya
  • Nayara Tented Camp, Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica
  • The Opposite House, Beijing
  • Capella Bangkok
  • Capella Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection, Santorini, Greece


  • Motel Argentum – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Rose Cottage Motel – Takaka, New Zealand
  • Le Repos De L’Inukshuk – Quebec, Canada
  • Motel S5 – Zbrachlin, Poland
  • Yackandandah Motor Inn – Yackandandah, Australia


So, when it comes down to it, there are many differences between hotel and motel. In general, hotels are higher priced while motels are much lower priced and more basic. If you are searching for a basic, no-frills location to live, a resort is a superb choice. But if you are searching for a piece of greater consolation and luxury, a motel is the higher preference. The preference is as much as you and what you are searching out in a motel or resort.