Commercial Robots – Impact of Robots in Industry


Over the last few years, manufacturing companies have adopted commercial robots in large numbers. The robots have in turn made great contributions to the manufacturing process and the products that come from that process.

There are still many other companies that have decided to become late adopters of commercial robots as manufacturing technology. They are just looking as their peers that have taken it up pass them by improving their production process and gaining more customers as a result.

Impact of robots on employment

Many companies have had different results from the adoption of robots in their factories. Here are some of the result and benefits gained from the use of robots.

1Improved quality of products

Robots help improve the quality of the end product of the manufacturing process. Manual production processes are prone to error. Commercial robots, streamline the manual production process and bring in accuracy to help standardize and improve the quality of the final product.

2Hastened the production process

Another impact felt by all manufacturers who have adopted robots for their manufacturing automation is the speed gained in production. Robots, being mechanical can complete a human worker’s days’ work in a few hours. Thus, producing more, within a single day.

3Enhanced production

The acquisition of robots, helps factories produce more with the same resources. This means that production processes are more efficient and cheaper. Enhanced production therefore translates into higher profitability for the companies that adopt robots.

4Increased profitability

The most important thing for any business entity is profitability. When companies have high profits, they are able to remain in business. Robots help companies build on their profitability. This occurs through increased production, better quality products which can lead to more customers and thus more money in to the company.

5Ease of product customization

With robots, it has become easier for companies to customize products for their customers. By using robots to automate the production process, it becomes easier to develop distinct products simultaneously. All that is required is for the robot to be instructed on the product it has to make and it will do exactly as instructed.

With manual operation, it is sometimes difficult to customize a product to meet the specifications of different customers.

6Increase morale in the factory

At first, when a factory wants to automate their processes via robots, many of their employees are initially against the idea. However, when the robots finally get into the factory and help ease their burden on the work that they do they will appreciate the robot.

Robots will be assigned lots of tasks that are carried out by human workers. The workers are then assigned higher level jobs thus improving their morale. With better working conditions, robots help improve the morale of factory workers as they work in better conditions and better jobs not suitable for robots.

7Improve safety in the factory

Robots have had a great impact in terms of improving safety in the workplace. Collaborative robots are inherently safe. They have in built safety features that ensure that the robots do not cause any accidents in the factory.

Further they are designed to lower the chances of the occurrence of accidents. They have rounded smooth edges that ensure that even if one bumped into them, it would be difficult or impossible to injure themselves on the robot.

8Help compete against large manufacturers

Another impact felt in the manufacturing industry from the use of robots is the fact that they help smaller manufacturers compete against large manufacturers. First, the robots are quite affordable to acquire.

Further, these robots help companies develop high quality products which can compete in the market with other high-quality products from larger manufacturers.


Robots have a great impact in the manufacturing sector and also in individual companies that acquire them to automate their manufacturing process. Robots bring great impact the employees, processes and financial position of the company. All manufacturers, regardless of their size should adopt robot use in their factory.