Can I Give CBD to My Pet?


Cannabidiol (CBD) has become extremely popular among those looking for natural solutions to common problems. But while CBD use among adults has become quite common, this hemp extract is starting to be used for other applications. One such example is CBD for pets. But can CBD be safely consumed by your cat or dog? If you’re considering using this compound to try to help your furry friend deal with certain conditions, dive into this guide to better understand whether or not it’s right for your pets.

What is cannabidiol, and how does it work?

CBD belongs to a group of compounds known as cannabinoids that are found within the hemp plant. If you’re someone who engages in marijuana use, you already know of one popular cannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When these compounds are absorbed by us, it’s believed that they impact the endocannabinoid system. This is a system of compounds (endocannabinoids) and receptors found within the body that are designed to help us achieve homeostasis. If you’re familiar with this system in the human body, you will be surprised to learn that other mammals have this system as well. It’s believed that, like THC, CBD can be applied to impact these receptors and produce a wide variety of benefits (possibly in pets as well).

CBD can be a relatively novel product for many, which is why it’s important to turn to authoritative resources like American Marijuana to learn more about what it is, how it functions, what the best products are on the market (whether you’re interested in edibles, CBD oil, or vapes), and other vital information about this derivative. The more you know, the more confident you will be when you try it out.

If you plan on taking it yourself, always speak to your doctor first to learn more about whether or not it’s right for you as well as what the potential risks or medication interactions are. If you’re planning on giving it to your pet, it can be helpful to speak with a vet, too!

Is it safe to give CBD products to my pet?

You may see popular CBD brands creating a wide variety of products designed specifically for pets, but does this mean that it’s safe for pets to take? The jury is still out on that. While there’s anecdotal evidence of CBD benefits for pets, there’s simply not enough evidence at the moment to draw definitive conclusions regarding its efficacy. The good news? There aren’t too many negative side effects that could pose a danger for your pet when given at low doses. If you get the go-ahead from your vet, be very careful to stick to low doses and test it out slowly as you go.

Although CBD is legal in the United States and available online, it’s also important to note that not every product sold in the U.S. is high-quality. When you look for CBD products to give your pet, make sure that these products are made from organic hemp, contain no contaminants (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals), and contain no other additives that could be dangerous to your pet. When it comes to your pet, you can never be too safe!

The term “natural remedies” can get any pet owner excited as it means that it may provide a solution to something their pet is going through without having to turn to prescription medications. However, like many fruits and vegetables, not everything that’s natural is necessarily safe. If you’re considering giving your pet CBD, use the guide above to learn more about what it is, how it works, and whether or not it’s a good solution for your pet.