10 Best NumLookup Alternatives for 2024

If you're looking for alternatives to NumLookup, here are 10 options to consider:


NumLookup stands out as a well-known reverse phone number lookup service that empowers users to unveil the identities of unfamiliar callers and gather relevant information about them. Nevertheless, due to the rising demand for such solutions, there are many NumLookup alternatives available in the market.

A web-based tool called NumLookup allows you to look up a person’s phone number to learn more about them. You can use the spy dial feature to make direct calls, and the platform will show you the results in minutes. Additionally, you can send a text message by employing spy text.

Due to its interface, the platform’s landing page provides all the information you need. It gives the searched person’s complete name, address, email, court and police records, educational history, etc.

Top 10 NumLookup Alternatives

You may obtain all the information online and NumLookup will give you accurate statistics. Here mentioned are the ten best NumLookup alternatives:


The web-based platform SPYTOX is one of the NumLookup alternatives that allows you to locate persons, their phone numbers, and relevant personal information in just a few minutes. The platform offers three options for retrieving information: name, phone number, and email.

You can easily choose the country name and do everything straight from the site. The platform supports an intelligent and updated database of over 275 million individuals.

You can get information from SPYTOX accessible to the general public, such as full name, country, region, phone number, address, employment details, and educational history. You can share the findings with your friends and relatives and search the individuals for as long as you like.


  • A sturdy database at your disposal
  • Simple access to background investigation resources
  • Instantaneous findings for current lookups
  • Easily manage your searchable information


One of CocoFinder’s most prominent features is its free reverse phone lookup. It is quite easy to use. The user only needs to enter the person’s phone number to access the website, displaying the caller’s identity and other necessary details.

The website’s results will line up with the anticipated IDs. Finally, the individual will receive a comprehensive report with information unique to each individual. Because it originates from reliable sources, all of the information offered by CocoFinder is legitimate and lawful.

Furthermore, the unidentified caller’s web footprints will be the primary source of information. Their name, email address, and other pertinent information will be included if they are a family member, friend, or professional.


  • Easy usage
  • Authentic information
  • Affordability


RealPeopleSearch is a web-based application that, with minimal information, enables you to obtain public records and basic information about the person in question in minutes.

Complete names, current and past addresses, close relatives, criminal histories, traffic records, sexual offender status, social media profiles, online dating accounts, email addresses, employment status, and educational history are just a few details this software displays.

You may search for people using RealPeopleSearch indefinitely, and you can trust its findings because reliable, specialized sources back it. It keeps the other individual in the dark about your hunt for them.

Additionally, it is a simple platform that gives you all the information and guidelines you need on its main page. With this platform, you may learn more about the individuals in your social circle, including your partners, friends, coworkers, neighbors, employers, employees, and other students.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Possession of copious legal public records
  • The quick and easy search procedure
  • Favorable internet evaluations


Nowadays, many people don’t trust new technologies, internet websites, or even one another. By bringing transparency to the world, Spokeo hopes to facilitate mutual trust. It is a platform that gives users intelligence services and enables them to search, connect, and discover who is attempting to contact them.

This tool has several advantages. Using a given date, one can utilize it to identify unknown callers and locate friends, family, or acquaintances. It is used by a lot of reputable businesses to find new clients and prevent fraud.

With Spokeo data research from numerous records, creating a report is simple. These reports will concisely describe every social network interaction, including contact details, personal information, location, and any criminal records.


  • Free, fast lookup for cell phone lookup in reverse
  • Quick data retrieval in a matter of seconds
  • Business bundle designed with management in mind
  • Updates at once when data changes


Due to its unique ability to identify the person behind unknown phone numbers, Searqle has been gaining popularity. In addition to their name, a person’s criminal history is also displayed.

Searqle’s personal search engine currently compiles information from all online public records and shows a person’s true identity. If you enter an unknown phone number, the results will be displayed quickly. The user interface is easy to use and fast.


  • Allows you to identify unknown callers or get in touch with missing contacts
  • It can access a vast collection of 1.3 billion records.
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Prompt reaction
  • Provides complete search security


The greatest spam blocker app and reverse phone search tool in the globe can assist you in identifying spammers and blocking robocalls. Finding the real caller and syncing contacts is now simpler than ever. Look up phone numbers to find the caller ID. Find robocalls by doing a reverse phone lookup, then add them to the block list.

Block text messages and SMS communications, block callers and robocalls, block phone marketers and spammers. Stop robocalls, callers, and telemarketers. You can stop unknown calls with the aid of their finest call blocker. Put spammers on your blocklist and block their calls.

With Sync.ME you can see who is calling and recognize robocalls, telemarketers, and spam calls. Use a reverse phone lookup or display the true caller ID when blocking a caller. Show the true caller ID or run a reverse phone lookup to blacklist callers. Using the greatest call blocking software, you can quickly stop robocalls and spam calls.


  • Lightning quick searches
  • The epitome of simplicity
  • Comprehensive details about the area code


Truecaller is one of the most popular and widly used app as a NumLookup alternatives. By monitoring the airwaves to detect unknown callers and reject nuisance calls, it turns your phone into a digital radar. It is more than simply a service and it is your first line of protection against the encroaching legion of spammers and unknown callers.

Beyond being a reverse phone lookup service, it is a perfect communication solution to improve texting and calling experiences. Its feature set may be used for various purposes, such as blocking spam calls, identifying unfamiliar numbers, and improving communication management.


  • Caller ID and blocking of spam
  • Large user base
  • Intelligent messaging
  • Call recording


Peoplelooker is a one stop shop for locating someone’s identification because it allows you to locate anyone, even if they are not visible on the search engine. Finding a person’s entire record report may seem like a pipe dream, but this application gives you that precisely.

This report typically contains the subject’s full name, age, criminal history, contact information, family information, mailing address, court record, and any other pertinent information you may find useful. You only need to pay a tiny fee for this tool’s services to access the platform’s limitless features.

No one can ever hurt you by hiding your identity, and Peoplelooker’s user-friendly search feature has made that feasible.


  • Comprehensive data access
  • User security and privacy
  • Free to use


With its collaborative methodology, CallerSmart is like having a digital assistant on your phone, enabling you to outwit unfamiliar callers. This advanced solution uses crowdsourced intelligence and ledger technology to help you recognize and stop unsolicited calls.

CallerSmart distinguishes itself with its neighborhood focused reverse phone lookup method. Users collaborate on this collaborative platform, which is more than just a tool to help each other avoid scammers, telemarketers, and spam calls.

CallerSmart offers a fun and practical solution, including identifying an unfamiliar number, shielding yourself from unsolicited calls, and simply being curious about a persistent caller.


  • Community driven insights
  • Comprehensive lookup features
  • Interactive feedback system

10Socketwire Reverse Lookup

With Socketwire Reverse Lookup, a small app, you can obtain an unknown person’s details by giving their phone number. You can use its basic functions to search for the person’s details manually. The software does not require you to register or log in, and it is intended for personal use only.

If you provide the phone numbers of the individuals in your cycle, such as friends, relatives, cousins, lovers, coworkers, and neighbors, you can obtain basic information about them.

Socketwire Reverse Lookup software gives you access to information that is only publicly available online and in public records. With less RAM and space, the app functions flawlessly.


  • Free access
  • Accuracy in result
  • Simplicity and efficiency
  • Extensive database

Final Verdicts

Those mentioned above are the ten best NumLookup alternatives. Use a free reverse NumLookup for a trial run before committing to a paid single report or a monthly subscription to embrace your inner amateur detective, reclaim your privacy, and enjoy increased peace of mind.

Although a lot of these platforms are free to use, others could charge a nominal amount to get a comprehensive number report. A premium service will provide you with more details on a phone number, but for the most part, a free report with the essentials will do the job.