10 Best FREE Fashion Apps for Designer Clothes in 2024

Best Fashion Apps

The best free fashion apps are revolutionizing how people approach dressing up in this dynamic digital fashion world. But getting dressed up is tough. It involves more than just putting on your favorite outfit.

When deciding what to put on to an occasion, you have to take your skin tone, body, and the occasion’s motive and location into consideration. To help with your decision-making, don’t forget the best free fashion apps for designer clothes.

Top Free Fashion Apps for Stylish Outfits

With so many different fashion apps available to help you stay on top of your style game, it’s easier than ever to keep up with current fashions. Here are the best free fashion apps that have taken over our phones.


Over 18 million products, which include clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home products, and children’s products, are provided through the ShopStyle platform. To position everything in one location, it collaborates with stores and brands.

ShopStyle offers lots of faithful manufacturers and stores in every area. The app will help you find what you are searching for primarily based on your selected fashion, saving you the trouble of browsing the web for other websites.

ShopStyle gives you modern-day statistics on fashion trends and the finest offers from special fashion designers. It also notifies you when a particular fashion item is added to the marketplace and prepared for purchasing.


  • ShopStyle app is easy to use
  • It has over 18 million products
  • Provides information for your referrals and conversions
  • The app has 5 million searches per week
Download ShopStyle iOS Android


An online cloth wardrobe organizer and outfit planner, Stylebook is a digital closet app. You can create a unique look by arranging your clothes, experimenting with unique mixtures, and having notice of how you wear your clothes.

Using Stylebook, the digital closet app for your real clothes, to attain all your fashion targets could be made possible by using the how-to tips. The number of times you have worn a particular clothing in a given month can be determined on StyleBook.

You can be confident that you may not be putting on the same clothing or gowns again and again. Repeated outfit wear isn’t a clever idea for everyone who enjoys following fashion trends.


  • Over ninety features that will help you arrange and manipulate your cloth wardrobe.
  • Keep a visual record of your outfits
  • Stylebook has a user-friendly interface
  • Packing lists for making plans
Download Stylebook iOS

3Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix can be the solution if you want to grow the size of your cloth wardrobe or reduce your buying time. You can try on carefully chosen apparel at home with Stitch Fix while not having to commit to a subscription. For iPhone and Android customers, Stitch Fix is available as an app. Start using Stitch Fix by going to the online site or getting the app.

After the completion of a fashion survey, Stitch Fix stylists will evaluate your answers and pick out clothes in your size that they trust you will like. The clothes will arrive in the mail, so you can try them on and pick out what to maintain and return.

You have the choice of ordering a box each time you would like or setting up routine shipping. There are no shipping, return, or trade charges. You definitely pay for the items you decide to keep, plus a nominal styling charge.


  • After a customer survey, a stylist selects five products to be dispatched.
  • Customers are free to return objects and swap them
  • Clients are capable of seeing a preview of what they will get
  • Customers can select a monthly or quarterly subscription
Download Stitch Fix iOS Android


Tradesy is an online marketplace in which pre-owned luxurious items, jewelry, and apparel can be bought and sold. The shopping and promoting process on Tradesy is easy. Search effects for products can be filtered by price variety, size, color, brand, condition, and category.

Tradesy manages returns and covers delivery fees, allowing sellers to deliver from their houses with a complimentary transport package. When a potential purchaser buys the product, Tradesy will email you about the package so that you can additionally deliver it to the customer’s address.


  • Free delivery package to ship from home
  • Users can easily browse for an object they are searching
  • Tradesy lets you negotiate costs on designer products
  • Tradesy has no listing price
Download Tradesy Android


The Etsy app is now being used by a lot of individuals and has got many positive reviews. It serves as an online retail store. Millions of products are sold online through the app by various artists, designers, stylists, and different fashion lovers. Etsy gives a lot of possibilities for those seeking fashionable gowns and new clothing for any event.

The app will assist you in choosing the correct piece of jewelry if you need to purchase new bracelets, rings, or necklaces. The Etsy app will help you narrow down the choice to find the most suitable option for the most recent styles and brands of watches that might be available on any website.


  • You can customize the settings
  • Etsy is known for its customer support
  • You can buy specific to unexpected products
  • You can store it securely in the Etsy app
Download Etsy iOS Android


On Poshmark, customers can buy and sell new and used clothing, shoes, accessories and household items online. Purchasers can also agree to a reduced price or pay the marketed charge for the goods.

The selling of illegal items is against the law on Poshmark. This includes fakes and reproductions, products made from endangered or extinct species, prescription gadgets, live animals, medical substances, and false Native American representations.

Anyone who likes to stock up on dresser additions can find lot of things they want to shop for in the app. When a purchaser places an order using the app, Poshmark handles both the payment and delivery of the purchased items to the customer’s address. With the app, sellers can give up items that do not serve them and give others the opportunity to enjoy them in their place.


  • Poshmark has over 80 million customers
  • It has over 200 million available listings.
  • Clothes and accessories are the biggest categories in the app
  • Poshmark dealers can lower prices when necessary
Download Poshmark iOS Android


To ensure that you constantly look your best, use the Shopbop app to arrange your garments for days or occasions. Inviting friends will assist you in comparing your appearances. Shopbop works wonders for cloth wardrobe organizing apart from outfit planning.

Using the items currently in your wardrobe, along with your hair and cosmetics products, this modern app allows you to put together your finest looks. To present you with exceptional options, the app takes into consideration your skin tone, hair colouration, and the time of year.


  • Plan clothing according to your wish
  • Make fashion recommendation that fits your taste
  • Organize clothes with the help of events or day
  • Considers skin tone, hair color, seasonal light and other options
Download Shopbop iOS


With its precise combination of digital cataloging, personal styling, and resale options, Indyx is the full wardrobe management software you are looking for. Using AI-powered backdrop removal, it makes it easy for users to catalog their clothing, developing a visually stunning and well-prepared virtual closet representation.

To assist consumers in making the most of their present wardrobe, Indyx differentiates by presenting weekly outfit tips from real stylists. Its integrated resale marketplace also makes it less complicated to sell undesirable things, encouraging green fashion behavior.


  • Easily track the cost-per-wear
  • Create packing lists according to your needs
  • Instantly create looks that make you look good
  • The app uses AI to give the right suggestions
Download Indyx iOS Android


The user-friendly Pureple Outfit Planner software program digitizes your garments and offers automatic outfit recommendations. It makes choosing an outfit easy by using AI to recognize your selected styles.

To create a digital closet, customers can upload favored pieces from online sources, arrange their closet items into classes, and more. Daily dressing is made extra fun and participatory with Pureple’s swipe function for accepting or rejecting counseled ensembles. For individuals who want to try out unique looks and might use a few directions on the subject of their wardrobe selections, this app will suit them well.


  • Users can add clothes and items from the web
  • The app offers customizable features
  • Users can share their clothes on social media.
  • Pureple’s outfit suggests complete clothing according to your style
Download Pureple iOS Android


Wishi is a personal stylist in your pocket which gives quality fashion services that are custom-designed to fulfill your preferences. Users who take a survey are paired with a stylist who assists them in selecting the correct look for different events.

By integrating pre-present wardrobe clothes, the software makes it possible to create a clean, stylish look. Wishi is a great choice for anybody looking for professional styling guidance and wishing to step up their style recreation with its personalized approach.


  • The app includes a customized session
  • Style boards, revisions, and a one-on-one chat are available
  • Get style advice from professionals
  • The app has a simple user interface
Download Wishi iOS

Final thoughts

When it comes to fashion, a person’s tastes vary. So, it is possible that you and other people have diverse fashion tastes. Never forget that clothing is a basic form of self-expression. The best free fashion apps given above will be very useful to help you personalize your fashion and make your own designer clothes.