15 Best Apps Like Pinterest for 2024 (Pinterest Alternatives)

If you're looking for alternatives to Pinterest or want to explore other options, here are some of the best apps like Pinterest that you can try.


Pinterest is a good app for browsing quality content, but it can take time to find what you’re looking for. Fortunately, there are other apps like Pinterest that offer similar features. Here are some of the best Pinterest alternatives for both Android and iOS.

The growing variety of comparable websites and apps has led to several free alternatives catering to photographers, designers, foodies, and others.

Pinterest is known for being popular among women for wedding, home decor, and recreation ideas. But if you’re not interested in those topics, don’t worry! There are many alternatives to Pinterest, including ones geared towards men, food lovers, and meme enthusiasts. Check out our list of the top 7 similar apps and sites.

Top 15 Similar Apps Like Pinterest

If you are seeking out a Pinterest like experience in a particular genre, there are multiple apps available. In this post, you can discover the best apps like Pinterest in 2024.


If you are prefer to browse photos and videos, Instagram is the proper app that acts as a top notch alternative to Pinterest.

Instagram has covered a function referred to as Saved folders or boards. It lets in customers to curate and arrange their personal collections and bridge the space between the 2 sites.

Another similarity among Instagram and Pinterest is the Explore web page on Instagram. This feature is just like Home feed of Pinterest and allows users to discover, shop, and share new content.


If you prefer storytelling or blogging with the combination of photos, Tumblr offers an extremely good combination.

Tumblr permits customers to create a blog format, facilitating the sharing and discovering new content material through its search engine. Tumblr substantially emphasizes community building through practices like reblogging and contributing ideas to others’ posts.

So, if you are trying to find a platform that intently resembles Pinterest but gives extra freedom for creativity and community engagement, Tumblr might be your best area.

3We Heart It

We Heart It is a visually appealing platform that enchants viewers with a magical collection of photos and art work. This platform targets a different audience than Pinterest.

The website simplifies the process of liking and exploring new facts, and it allow users to reveal their passion for various artworks. While We Heart It differs from pinning and board structure of Pinterest, it will permit you to organize your inspirations in a single place.

Users can further enhance their experience by means of installing the Heart Button. This particular function allows them to post online pictures to their feed without problems.


Bloggers and marketers use Flipboard as a platform that specialize in content distribution and boosting internet site visitors. Flipboard, unlike Pinterest, does not limit the area of interest or audience, allowing for creating different content and effective traffic growth.

With a track record of regular overall performance, it is a top source of content traffic. To gain the fine outcomes on Flipboard, you must participate actively and share content material on a regular basis.

The platform supports diverse content material genres, such as lifestyle, politics, gastronomy, and generation. This versatility ensures that your internet site receives regular, solid traffic, regardless of your preferred awareness.


Dudepins presents a platform for organizing pictures and videos across over 10 categories. Its easy interface displays visuals and articles in various interest classes and private montages. Users can curate interests spanning hardware, cuisine, fashion, and more.

Dudepins concentrates on men’s interests, encompassing brands, trends, online communities, and diverse interests. The registration procedure is seamless via electronic mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

Dudepins keeps a sophisticated ambiance freed from memes and clichés. It serves as a platform for customers to live informed about developments and discover their interests.


If you have got a passion for food, FoodGawker is a platform with a purpose to quick capture your interest. The website is familiar for its outstanding meals pictures, exactly curated to be visually attractive and instructive.

The recipes featured on FoodGawker are unique and simple to follow. These recipes ranges from appetizers to sweets. FoodGawker has a thriving and tasty community of individuals who share a passion for food and images.

Interaction with different customers is endorsed by means of features like commenting on recipes. It shares your personal culinary creations, and follows your preferred chefs.


Do you often find yourself captivated by intriguing items on Pinterest but struggle to locate where to purchase them? Fancy is a platform specifically designed for showcasing unique and enticing products.

It allows users to make direct purchases without the need to navigate to external websites or third party platforms or applications. Fancy offers the best selection of unique and attractive products in categories such as clothes, home decor, art, technology, and more.

If you are interested in a certain item, simply click on the post to visit the related official website of the brand. Furthermore, the app recommends the hottest offerings in the categories you are interested in.


Designspiration targets those actively looking for design related graphics, and its feed like format is similar to Pinterest.

The website, designed for those in the creative sectors, provides a venue to explore various design fields, find new artists, and share your own ideas and favorite works online.

Notably, Designspiration stands out for its dynamic search feature, making it especially useful for individuals seeking more specialist information. Users can store their favorite items in collections like on Pinterest for easy categorization and retrieval.


PearlTrees is similar to Pinterest. Instead of boards and pins in Pinterest, PearlTrees uses pearls and trees as its distinct concept. The platform lets users discover and share a variety of information.

You will discover similar trees on the platform as you share content. Furthermore, users can track and add valuable pearls to various trees.

The user interface of PearlTrees is effective, even though it looks outdated. Nonetheless, it provides a simpler alternative to Pinterest.


Mix is formerly known as StumbleUpon. This platform has a popular traffic source, particularly for image and artwork searches. After downloading the Mix app, users may personalize their feed by selecting favored topics ranging from fashion and architecture to music, humor, nature, and more.

The Mix follows a normal social media format, which allows for content sharing and the growth of followers in order to reach a larger audience.

Regular sharing on Mix can potentially increase traffic, making it a platform to explore greatly. When you see a post you like, use the Mix button to save it to your profile.


Gentlemint is a Pinterest alternative for male users. It offers content oriented toward a more casual audience than DudePins. It takes pleasure to present the manliest content on the web, including topics such as memes, automobiles, drink, food, and entertainment.

Gentlemint allows users to save and share their favorite photographs. This feature makes it an ideal platform for lighthearted internet content.

While not as sophisticated as DudePins, Gentlemint caters to male interests by offering memes, food, vehicles, and entertainment, with occasional forays into survival skills and DIY projects.


If you have been looking for a Pinterest alternative that caters to your home decor demands, Hometalk is the answer. This website features many DIY home projects from its large and active community.

In addition to dedicated home décor sections for the bedroom and dining room, Hometalk covers various themes, including gardening, kitchen design, doors, and flooring.

The supporting community quickly comes to your aid when you need help with your home decor projects.


Juxtapost stands out as one of the main competitors. It has the distinction of being the largest platform and includes all of the features found on Pinterest. Users can create categories, share them with specific users, and collaborate on categories with others, similar to the functionality of Pinterest.

What distinguishes Juxtapost is the presence of a distinct tab called More Like This. This tool allows users to see posts similar to those they now witness without leaving the page.

Furthermore, Juxtapost has a unique winning feature: saving bookmarked content, similar to Pinterest art, as a spreadsheet document. This feature provides additional functionality to users who may find it beneficial.


Behance is an online platform that allows designers to display their creative projects and connect with a global community. It provides a platform for displaying your work and receiving inspiration from other designers.

Behance provides various popular categories for exploring fresh ideas, including Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Behance has a job posting section that lists a variety of possibilities in the design sector.

Users can create profiles to promote work, post projects, and share photographs, videos, or prototypes. The platform can also provide valuable feedback on your work and help you develop your professional network.

15Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid highlights creative talent in graphic design, architecture, art, and vehicle design. Its online magazine interface highlights the work of creatives worldwide, and the Editorial tag keeps viewers up to date on current trends.

Even complex topics can be easily navigated due to a simple design. Inspiration Grid distinguishes itself from Pinterest by focusing on artists seeking content relevant to their artistic and creative interests.

It offers a daily dose of art, illustration, design, photography, typography, fashion, and architecture. Curated for creative people worldwide, the content provides visually appealing inspiration for careers or hobbies. It is a valuable resource for creative professionals.

Bottom Line

The diverse array of apps like Pinterest offers users unique platforms to explore and share content tailored to their interests. Whether you are a design enthusiast, food lover, or seeking inspiration in various genres, these alternative apps provide rich experiences.