Animation Studio – Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


Animation studio helps to increase sales by creating amazing animation graphics used in advertising.

Technology is rapidly growing, and making high-quality animations is something that everybody is looking forward to achieving. Some countries have award-winning- studios dealing with famous brands and advertising agencies. For instance, Punchy digital studio produces both character animation and motion graphics mostly used to air the advertisement on television and broadcast design with the aid of 2D /3D animation. Below are the amazing facts you should know about the animation studio.

Origin of Animation Studios

Due to developed technology globally, studios have emerged with more advanced technology that will be focusing on the use of 2D/3D. In the case of 2D, are you worried about what is it all about animations? Well, it refers to creating motion in a two-dimension space whereby two images are sequenced. Fantasmagorie was the first 2D animation ever made by Emile and was released in 1908.

3D Animation refers to creating images in a three-dimensional movement with the help of 3D software, and this involves making them appear as a moving object. The art is mostly applied in gaming and also in graphic presentation. Types of this include; 3D Video and Film, interactive 3D, among others.

Best Animation Studios

Punchy digital media is one of the best animation studio in Australia, which is helping most of leading brands to launch a new brand to the market or advertise their existing product with the help of animated creative videos that will keep you high headed on the market, they are self- proud in terms of producing different results.

Creativity is a critical factor for every successful business. Most businesses take their client needs as theirs’ and put them in practice yearning to produce outstanding results that will guarantee their customer the confidence to stand tall.

Several studios are now recruiting qualified personnel who are professionally approved and friendly to work with; they take each critical detail seriously and put it into practice, hence producing a beautiful video that will yield exciting current and up-to-trend results with the help of up to date equipment.

Different companies are rapidly competing to be world-winning studios by producing high quality and fantastic character animation and motion graphics used in Television Advertising and Broadcasting. Animation studios play a critical role by helping companies to pass the information in a lively manner. Having the best brand of vivid images makes your business stand out in this era, where digitalization has colonized everything.

Advantages of Animation studios

The use of animation has enabled companies to build awareness of a new brand in the market.

  • Animation studios have contributed a lot in helping the companies to maintain their customers.
  • With the help of animated information, it’s easy to explain a process.
  • Professionals reply to your emails as soon as possible, no delay.

Most animation studios in Australia has helped many companies pass a critical and informative message accurately and transparently, which can lead you to win huge customers flowing in your product or your services within the shortest time possible.