All You Need to Know About Trucking Authority


Are you a truck owner and want to make a good amount of money yearly? If so, then you should have your own trucking authority. If you want to expand your business and hire drivers in near future, then my friend, the trucking authority is a must for you. For those who don’t know what trucking authority is, it’s basically permission which is granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to carry a wide variety of goods for profit. You can find the best trucking authority packages on the internet if you are aiming to get one and trust me, it’s going to make you real money.

Trucking authority allows you to come in touch with the receivers directly instead of getting linked to them through a middleman. When you are connected to the clients through a middleman, the responsibility is pretty low on you but getting in contact with the clients directly is going to put more work on your shoulders but it’s totally worth it. If you really want to maximize your overall profits then trucking authority is a must.

Steps to Obtain Your Own Trucking Authority

  • The first step towards getting your own trucking authority is to set up a formal business first. You can either do it as a limited liability corporation or a sole proprietor.
  • The next step is getting an employer identification number. You will have to download an application form for that. There is a website from where you can download the application form. You can even apply online which is the faster way to get the authority. The good part is that the website will instruct you about each and everything so there shouldn’t be any confusion after all. If you haven’t already applied online, then you will have to gain both the liability and of course the cargo insurance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has to be notified by your insurer of your coverage. Remember, the greater the insurance you will have, the more cargo you will be able to carry. So apparently, the best thing for you is to buy as much insurance as you can.
  • After almost 10-12 working days of applying, you will eventually get your authority permit forms via mail.
  • These steps will give you the coverage of federal powers. Now you will get in contact with your state DOT to take care of the rest.

Things You Can Do After Obtaining Authority

  • Your life will eventually change for the better when you get your trucking authority. It is a very exciting event as it puts you in charge. You are your own boss now and can now fulfill the dream that every individual has, i.e., building up a successful business.
  • Having a trucking authority puts you in charge and now you can actually put all your hard work into building your own business empire instead of working for someone else and making them rich.
  • You can set your schedule according to your own routine. The best part of having a trucking authority is that you can work whenever you want.
  • When you are your own boss, you control everything that is in your use. By keeping an eye on all the records, you can efficiently control all your costs, thus increasing the overall profits yearly. At the end of every year, you can evaluate everything, figure out your weak points and work on them for the next year to ignore the mistakes you made.
  • By driving efficiently yourself, you can save fuel, which draws more money into your pocket.
  • You can later expand your business by hiring truck drivers and making them work for yourself.

When applying for trucking authority, you have to carefully deal with the paperwork involves. There would be many different forms that you will have to fill correctly and submit so just be sure that you stay vigilant while doing so. So what are you waiting for? Get your trucking authority as soon as possible and enjoy the perks of being in control of your empire!