6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spontaneous Travel Trips

Travel Trips
Photo by Joshua Earle/Unsplash

Travelling is an exciting adventure but there’s no denying that it comes with a lot of stress. You go on researching and planning an itinerary prior to the trip only to have things not going according to your plan. Hey, it happens. The best you could do to not ruin the moment is to go with the flow.

Why don’t you spruce up your adventures a little? Let the spur of the moment decide where to take you. Yes, we know it’s scary and a hell of a challenge. However, the unexpected fun and obstacles of spontaneous travel raise up the bar for memorable experiences. It’s something every traveler should try at least once: book the cheapest flight to a destination, pack your bags, and just go where your feet takes you.

Instead of planning a vacation 6 months away from now when your itchy feet wants to wander at this moment, pack your weekender bag and go on a two- or a three-day trip somewhere near. Want to know how to go about with spontaneous traveling? Check out the list below:

Stop worrying. Admit it. Prior a trip, you always envision a knockout experience but the reality stands, there will come rainy days.

Stop worrying.

Often times, letting your tight control grip of reality loose makes way for exciting things to come. Spontaneous trips may have little planning and snap decision-making, however, these helps push you out of your comfort zone; let go of your worries. Worrying too many causes stress, which then may lead to not enjoying the most of your trip.

Make a checklist. We know this goes against ‘spontaneous’ travel, however, you can still plan and create a checklist of things you want to try and activities you want to do before the trip.

Make a checklist.

Yes, this may be cheating. But doing a quick glance on which place to stay, local dishes to try, spots to see, and the works, before you head on to your destination is always a good idea. Spontaneity comes in when you let your feet take you where your soul wants to; even if it’s not on the list.

Always be alert. Don’t just stroll along someplace you’re not familiar with all willy-nilly. You took a travel trip on a whim, with little to no knowledge about the place. The least you could do to immerse yourself in the location and keep your safety and security at bay is to watch the environment you’re in.

Always be alert.

Look around. Observe your surroundings and the go people-watching. This will give you a slice of the daily lives of the people there.

Travel lightly. Thanks to spontaneous travel trips, you won’t get enough time to buy and pack useless stuff in your travel bag. Also, why would you need three bags for a three-day vacation?

Travel lightly.

If you’re under a budget where renting a car or van looks too far fetched, traveling by public transit will be easier with a light travel bag on your back. “How do one afford to travel with a single carry-on?” you ask? Simple: by packing only what they need and leaving the unnecessary stuff behind. A three-day trip doesn’t call for three different shoes or set of clothes. Know what to pack and how much to pack, especially when it comes to toiletries and your grooming products.

Whatever happens, don’t panic. When you know little to nothing about a location, things can get awry and terrible when you get lost. This is why it’s important to cheat: research about your destination’s culture, common scams, safe streets, basic language and the likes.

Whatever happens, don’t panic.

Don’t let your nerves control you. Always think with a clear head and make rational decisions. Before you leave the place you’re staying in, write down its address on a paper just in case when you do get lost, you can easily ask a local how to get back there.

Talk to the locals. We’re sure you can find anything and everything you need to know about a place in terms of culture, food, etiquette, and the likes. A quick Google searches and it tells you everything there is to know. But getting firsthand tips and recommendations about where to eat, what to eat, the best beach to swim by, and other local hidden gems, straight from the locals will outweigh what the internet suggests. You’ll have the best experience no blog posts or articles you’ll find similar with.

Talk to the locals.