5 Tips for Building a Cheap Gaming PC


Time flies in the world of gaming and a PC that served you well in the past may no longer have what it takes to run some of the newest games out there. If this is the case, chances are you’re thinking about building a new gaming PC. But what to do if you are working with a tight budget and you simply can’t afford all the new hardware available on the market? Listed below are 5 tips that are guaranteed to help.

Choose the Right Parts

It’s obvious that if you want your PC to run all the new games, you have to choose the right parts for it. Your graphic card is always going to eat up around 40% of your budget so it’s a good idea to start there. Even though there are plenty of new graphic cards available, at around $180, Radeon RX 470 is still a great choice since it will allow you to play most of the games on high graphics settings. And when it comes to your new processor, AMD’s APUs and FX chips are the darlings of budget-building PCs.

Think about the Future

When building a gaming PC on a budget, it’s always a good idea to think about the upgrades you may wish to make in the future. For example, if you plan to add extra RAM or an SSD hard drive, make sure you choose a motherboard that can support those upgrades (Intel’s motherboards such as H170 and Z170 may be a perfect pick in this case). Don’t buy cheap gaming headsets just so you can save money. You will end up having a subpar experience than what you expected and they usually don’t last long. There are affordable yet quality options on https://musiccritic.com/equipment/headphones/best-gaming-headphones-under-100. Furthermore, it’s also necessary to get a power supply that can provide you with all the power that can cover the upgrades you wish to make.

Go for a New Mouse and USB Flash Drive

There’s no need to say that a new gaming PC and a vintage mouse don’t go hand in hand. Of course, you don’t have to spend loads of money on your mouse, but something like a Logitech G402 or a Redragon M601 is a good choice for a completely new gaming PC. In addition, you should always make sure you have at least one large USB flash drive right next to your PC. And if you want to save money on that as well, you can get an affordable USB flash drive online and have it delivered to your address.

Forget about DVD Burners

The way gaming is right now, you can probably get away without even having a DVD read-only drive. Still, there are times DVD drives can come in handy, and having one of these is always recommended. But do you really need a DVD burner? We stopped burning files on DVDs long time ago since it’s much easier to get a portable drive and store your files on it. By not having a DVD burner you can save money and use it on another component that will actually make a difference when it comes to your PC’s performance.

Save on Your PC Case

We all like having a fancy PC case, especially when buying a new PC. Still, when you’re trying to scrape away some money, getting a standard PC case might be a good idea. More affordable cases will surely get the job done but the same rule doesn’t apply to processors and graphic cards. There are plenty of stores that sell old PC case models at half price and going for one of these can help you save money for some of the more important components.

With these tips in your arsenal you’ll be able to build a strong gaming PC without having to spend a fortune. Just make sure you stick to respected manufacturers at all times since no-name-brand products are just going to cause you additional costs in the future.