5 Easy Ways to Heat Up Your Home This Winter


Winter is already here, and it’s time to think of ways to warm up your houses. No doubt everyone loves the idea of sitting curled up in their blankets with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee; but this is too dreamy and not always possible. You need to get your work done and get going with other stuff too. So, we need to think of other ideas that will keep our homes warm and cozy.

We will here discuss some of the efficient ways that will help keep the frosty temperature at bay and also bring style into your home. Choosing the right kind of heating solution for your home is not really easy.

There are a lot of factors to be considered like the location, size of the house, installation technique, budget and more. Keeping these points in mind, we have come up with the top 5 ways to keep your home warm, which you can select based on your lifestyle.

So, let’s move on to the top 5 easy ways to heat up your homes in these cooler months and find the right fit for yourself.


Thin rooftops, drafty windows and hidden cracks are the main reason for heat escape, and a well-insulated home is an answer to it. A poorly insulated home is difficult to heat up and also expensive. So, we need to fix these issues with some minor renovations.

Draft proof all your doors and windows, double glaze your windows for a better defense from cold, use a foam tape or fabric snake to cover up the open spaces, seal the cracks, use thinly insulated carpets for the rooftops. A properly insulated home will create a warmer, drier and healthier environment.


Designer radiators are on the rise in terms of popularity and are considered to be the go-to heating solution these days. The sleek and discreet look that they come with is really appealing and a chic way of heating up.

These designer radiators are a good way of heating up your home and giving extra warmth to the area. They are also a long-term and efficient solution in circulating warm and healthy air during winters.

Use the rugs

Wooden floors are not a good medium of warming up the house, neither are tiles or concrete. So, keeping your house looking sleek and stylish is going to do no good to you. Invest in a fluffy, cozy and warm carpet that will keep most of the area covered and warmed up.

Though this is not a practically good idea considering the cleaning jiffy, it is definitely worth and comes handy in waving goodbye to cold. Imagine nestling down your cold feet and toes in the warm, soft fabric that will soak up all the cold and make you feel warm and heated.

Thick curtains and Blinds

Another useful and effective way of waving goodbye to the chills is tick curtains and blinds. Use thicker or double layered curtains and window blinds that will prevent any cold wave entering your home. Thicker curtains are a good way of trapping heat and making the place a little cozier.

Not only that, beautiful and colorful pair of curtains will only adds to the beauty of your home and make the place look more elegant. Always make sure to keep the curtains open on a sunny day, so some natural heating and fresh air can enter the home. Keep the curtains closed when you see the degrees dropping.

Adding a Fire Place

A fireplace can also be a great natural way of heating up your space. Afterall, what can be more soothing snuggling up in front of the fire? Not only does it help you fight the chilling weather, but also serves as a statement piece for your home.

Fire these days comes in a variety of styles and burns a wide range of fuels like gas, wood, biofuel etc. So, lit up your space with some freestanding burner and make a style statement with it, while also keeping yourself and your home warm.


These were the top 5 effective yet easy ways of heating up your home during winters. All heating systems perform in a different way, so think wisely before you decide. Also, the climate, freezing point and size of your house should be taken into consideration before picking one of these warming up solutions. So, pick something that is efficient and worth it.