What Is a Tubular Battery? Where To Buy It?

tubular battery

With the exceeding advancement in technology over the past decade or so, humans have become almost entirely dependent on electricity. Unlike the past when electricity was a luxury, it is now a necessity for everyone since almost all devices rely on electricity. Power cuts can greatly hamper your daily life, whether it’s at home or work. Hence, it is essential to have an uninterruptible supply of power. This is possible with the help of inverters and batteries, which expertly combine to provide uninterruptible power supply during outages.

When it comes to inverter batteries, there are three types namely flat plate battery, gel battery, and tubular battery. Here, we will be understanding tubular batteries in depth.

What is Tubular Batteries?

Tubular batteries are those batteries in which a series of tubes are placed beside each other vertically, hence the name. The vertical placement of the tubes delay the corrosion process and improve the current flow. Unlike a flat plate battery that has a grid-like structure, a tubular battery has a comb-like structure.. The structure and the materials employed in a tubular battery help increasing its efficiency and duration and leads to little maintenance requirement. Furthermore, tubular batteries are dependable and suitable for long hours, and recommended for powerful appliances.

Tubular batteries can be divided into two types – short tubular batteries and tall tubular batteries. As the name suggests, short tubular batteries are shorter and wider than tall tubular batteries. They are also compact and are suitable for smaller homes. The capacity for a short tubular battery ranges between 60Ah and 180Ah and they require little maintenance. Additionally, these batteries are durable and have a lifecycle of 6-8 years.

On the other hand, tall tubular batteries are taller and thinner when compared to short tubular batteries. These batteries are suited for homes that do not have space constraints and outdoor areas. Tall tubular batteries are highly efficient and their capacity can be between 120Ah and 220Ah. They are damage resistant, can survive harsh weather conditions, and have an expected lifecycle of 8-10 years.

Where to Buy Tubular Batteries?

Unlike olden times, it has become extremely easy to purchase any type of product, even if it is found at the other end of the world. You could simply visit the brand’s website or an e-commerce platform and purchase the product you want. On the other hand, if you are old school and prefer getting a feel of a product before purchasing it, you can visit brand showrooms, stores or malls.

In the case of tubular batteries, they are available both offline and online. Ultimately, it depends upon your buying preferences. You could research the product online, read blogs and customer reviews, and simply purchase it online. Otherwise, you can research and read about the product online, visit a showroom near you to get a feel of the product, and then purchase it from the showroom.

However, before purchasing a tubular battery, there are several factors you must keep in mind. Firstly, deciding whether to opt for a short tubular battery or a tall tubular battery – this depends upon the space that you have available. Then you need to ascertain the capacity requirement, your budget, the warranty provided, appliances that it will cover, backup duration, and charging duration. Considering these factors will help you select the tubular battery that meets your needs.

Moreover, you must purchase a tubular battery from a trusted brand like Luminous since you will receive a high-quality product coupled with excellent after-sales service, thus keeping you satisfied.