5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Digital Age

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What is a good gift if you can’t see the person in person? This means your gift will be processed virtually, and it’s just timely with all the social distancing going on. But the object doesn’t have to be as digital as the medium.

This collection is curated to evoke a sense of love and care for your recipient during these times. The question is not what it is but what it’s for. And we all need deeper self-care more than ever.

Gift Ideas for the Digital Age

Though many celebrations have been put on hold, you can always show how much you care by catching up via Zoom and sending one of these thoughtful gifts below:

Godiva Chocolate Overload Gift Basket

godiva chocolate

Since everything is fast-paced and done in a tap, we tend to forget to take a downtime and breathe.

This Godiva Chocolate Overload Gift Basket will remind your giftee to indulge a little. It’s not a sin if they’ve worked hard to deserve it.

And health nuts know that chocolates have high levels of antioxidants and induce soothing effects. If you’re a woman (or ask a woman in your life), you can testify to this every time of the month.

Indoor Plants

indoor plants

If they can’t be out in nature, then bring the greens to them. Plants like pets bring joy and comfort to our digital lives. Plus, fresh air right by your bedside or workspace isn’t bad at all.

A promising scenario is one where we can all eat and breathe from the greens in our backyards. Until then, gift the gift of the natural world by sending an indoor plant they can care for and care for them as well.

Audible Subscription


It’s true that audiobooks and podcasts aren’t comparable to tangible books. But sound baths and audio learning are part of the new norm. This way, we are able to rest our eyes and simply listen to a good book, a motivational talk, or an inspiring topic.

Gifting them with an audible subscription is like gifting them virtually limitless wisdom read by the likes of Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks.

House Care Box

house care

We are at home more than ever that some of us have become bakers, farmers, and household superheroes when not glued to our screens. Another way to show your TLC is by gifting something for your recipient’s home. It’s both practical and timely.

You don’t have to take a trip to some high-end, organic shop as there are online selections that will suit what your giftee needs.

Headspace Subscription


Finally, here’s a space to empty the highly-stimulated mind. Although sleep and meditation apps come in digital form, they’re designed to pierce through our deeper states. They’re past taboo and have become a trendy way to take a break, de-stress, relax, and sleep better.

After a full day of Zoom meetings, Facetime happy-hours, gaming, and watching everything online, this will let their minds breathe and recharge for a brand-new day.

Nothing’s as thoughtful as a gift for the spirit in this digital age.