Our Guide To Protecting Your Hair As You Sleep

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Protecting your hair should be at the forefront of your daily routine from the minute you wake up, to the minute you go to sleep. With some people experiencing hair loss at many different stages, some hair loss such as hereditary hair loss, cannot be treated through a subtle change to your daily routine. However, there are hair implants in Turkey that can help to reverse the signs of severe hair loss. But what if we told you there is a way to care for your hair as you are sleeping? Here we are going to give you our top tips to protecting your locks as you sleep.

Brush Before You Sleep

One of the most important ways to protect your hair as you sleep is to brush it out with a wide tooth comb. By brushing your hair before bed, you can detangle the knots thus reducing the amount of damage that is done as you move and will prevent it from tangling further. This is vital as this will help to keep the ends of your hair as healthy as possible for a prolonged period, meaning fewer haircuts will be needed.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

One of the worst things you could possibly do is sleep on wet hair. Not only could it cause more damage to the ends of your hair, but you will also spend more time styling as a result. This is particularly true if you have curly hair as it will curl and stay there as it dries. This will then require you to style significantly more to get the look that you want. However, there are also other issues that come along with sleeping in wet hair such bacteria growing on the pillowcase, which can subsequently worsen your immune system.

Apply An Overnight Treatment

Another way to protect your hair is an overnight treatment. By applying this to the end of the hair, you can protect the tips from breakages, thus ensuring that the lengths are nourished. This is particularly useful for those with long hair as the moisture can often be stripped from the ends through excess heat or even the general wear and tear of your everyday routine. There are several overnight treatments that can be purchased at the health and beauty store or even your local supermarket and have outstanding results.

Tie Your Hair Up

If you are currently tying your hair in a top not or even tight buns before you sleep, now is the time to stop. Immediately. In order to protect your hair as you sleep, tie it up in a loose ponytail or a braid towards the bottom of the head. This will then prevent the lengths from becoming damaged and will also help to reduce the strain that a hairstyle can have on the scalp. By keeping the hair tie loose, you can then keep your hair tied back but also rest easy knowing that there will be no damage administered to those luscious locks.

However you choose to care for your hair, you can be sure that you will have the best possible results over an extended period of time, allowing you to begin the journey to thick luscious locks in no time. Which will you try first?