3 Invaluable Sources of Data on Your Investors

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It’s never been easier to collect data on investors, thanks to the digitization of the capital markets landscape. With most of your day-to-day operations unfolding online, your software naturally collects data that’s ripe for analysis.

3 Sources of Data on Your Investors

Most public companies are drowning in data as a result. However, there are three sources of data like engagement metrics that outperform other digital channels: your email campaigns, IR website, and capital markets virtual events.

1Email Analytics

One of the key engagement metrics used by IR professionals today is email. These metrics can track who interacts with your communications and how. They may include ROI and email clients share, as well as the following rates:

  • Bounce
  • Delivery
  • Open
  • Click-Through
  • Conversion
  • Unsubscribe
  • Read
  • Reply
  • Submission

Email analytics helps you crunch these metrics, putting them into context with the rest of your IR strategy. By seeing who opens your email, whether they open attachments or follow links, and when they make these engagements, you draw valuable insights about your performance. You can harness IR email analytics to track the success of your communications and better understand the needs of your investors.

2IR Website Traffic

Website traffic tells you a good deal about the investors who visit your IR site and how they engage with the content they find there. Sophisticated engagement analytics software can track their digital footprint from the first second they arrive on your homepage until they click the red “x” in their browser.

Traffic information includes your site visitors, how long they engage with your site, the pages they visit, and the documents they download.

Website traffic analysis can help you measure the success of your IR site. By seeing how they react to your site, you can make reasonable assumptions about the value of your content.

This traffic can also highlight trends in engagements, making you aware of those investors who are reviewing your content more than others.

You can easily spot investors who are poised to buy shares and fast-track outreach to these individuals. Alternatively, these analytics may flag possible activism in your shares if investors are engaging with your content in unusual ways.

3Capital Markets Virtual Events

Between virtual bus tours, roundtables, thought leader conferences, earnings calls, and annual meetings, you host plenty of events every year. Each one is a goldmine of information, provided you use a webcasting service that can track attendance and engagement.

The latest webcast technology can track how long an investor stays on the webcast platform, the content they interact with, the one-on-one meetings they schedule, and the answers they give in Q&As and polls.

This information tells you a lot about how individual investors approach your company and what content resonates with them. You can use these insights to customize your targeting and outreach strategies.

The Right Software Prevents Data Overload

Your virtual events, website, and email campaigns drive your IR strategy, but they are far from the only sources of data on your investors.

The volume of data you collect every day can be overwhelming. It’s made worse if you rely on several systems with different providers to collect this data, as these programs don’t allow easy integration.

You can sidestep data overload by partnering with a single tech provider that integrates your events, site, email, and CRM data on one platform. This consolidation makes it easier to analyze the success of your strategy and interpret sentiment in your stock.