How to Know Whether Designer Shoes are Real or Fake?

Designer Shoes - real or fake

Spotting Fake Designer Shoes Requires a Keen Eye

Nothing is more aggravating and disheartening for sneakerheads than purchasing a pair of rare designer shoes that turn out to be counterfeit. It is fair to want to avoid imitations and counterfeit items if you have spent a lot of money on your dream footwear. To avoid falling victim to scams, we will highlight the fundamental differences between authentic and imitation designer shoes in this article.

One of the most difficult issues for fashionistas looking to get their hands on must-have designer products is determining the difference between fake and real designer shoes.

5 Ways to Spot Fake Designer Shoes

We have compiled a list of top tips to teach you how to identify whether your shoes are knockoffs.

1Look at the Packaging

You may begin authenticating your new sneakers as soon as they arrive. Examine the packaging. If the box is basic, with no branding or design indicating that the shoes are from the brand you are expecting, that is a major red flag. Brand insignia should be clearly visible on authentic packaging.

Even worse, many counterfeit shoes do not come in a box but are wrapped in plastic, which should be seen as a red flag.

You should also consider the box’s durability: if the box is falling apart and barely holding the shoes inside, it is obvious that the pair is a forgery.

2Use a Shoe Authentication Service

A shoe authenticator is the best and most reliable way to determine if your shoes are the real thing. There are now many apps and websites set up by experts who know all there is to know about shoes. Most of these services charge a small fee, which is entirely worth it for the peace of mind you will get by knowing for certain whether your new shoes are real or not.

Usually, shoe authenticator services will provide you with some information to help you judge for yourself whether the shoes in question are real or not and then provide a service where, for a small fee, you can send them several photos of the shoes, and they will examine them carefully and work out whether you have got real designer shoes or fakes on your hands.

3Check the Shape and Materials

In the case of fake pairs of shoes, the stitching frequently falls out, and the shoes are not symmetrical. The pattern of the stitch might also help you determine if it is a genuine or fake pair of shoes you are dealing with. One of the most significant elements to consider is the placement of the logo. If it is crooked, you should avoid wearing it.

A smell test is another method for determining the quality of the item you are inspecting. Fake items are typically constructed using lower-cost materials that have a unique and unpleasant odor.

4Look for An Authenticity Label

Most high-end designers have an authenticity label on their products which will help you determine if they’re legit or not! It should also include information about where it was made as well as any other relevant details about its production process.

This is a great way of telling whether your item is genuine or not as most counterfeits don’t include this information. If it’s missing, then chances are high that what you have isn’t authentic!

5Compare Prices

Designer items usually come with hefty price tags but beware of anything too good to be true! Always compare prices across different retailers before making a purchase to make sure you get what you pay for (and don’t end up with something counterfeit).

If one store is selling an item significantly cheaper than other stores then it’s likely a counterfeit version being sold at a discount price because it’s not genuine merchandise from the brand itself.


Sometimes, it can be easy to spot a fake pair of designer shoes. Misspelled logos, poor-quality materials, and questionable packaging are all dead giveaways. But sometimes, things can be much less obvious. In this case, you might not be able to be fully certain of whether or not your shoes are real. In those cases, it is worth the expense of using a shoe authentication service to put your mind at ease.