Demat Account: Important Things Everyone Should Know

Demat account holds your shares and securities in electronic format to reduce the risk of theft and damage to your share certificates.

Demat account

In this present 21st century, people are trying their luck in almost every possible area. The point is no matter where you work and what your profession is; you can explore new avenues to bring more income and money. Of course, there are options in stocks, shares and more. You should think about opening up a demat account to start investing.

What is Demat Account?

Speaking of a demat account; it is an account that simply keeps all the shares that you purchase in electronic or dematerialized format. In a common type of way, a demat type of account works for your shares the way a particular bank account is to your overall physical cash.  Just like your bank account, a demat account do hold the certificates of your overall financial instruments like shares, government securities, mutual funds, bonds,  and exchange traded funds (etfs). When you look around, you can go for the type of accounts that work good for you.

The Working of Demat Account

Here are some points that would get you a quick idea about the working of demat account:

Central Depository

Actually , for your proper understanding , there are two types of depositories in India called the CDSL and NSDL. These include all the demat type of accounts. The central depository simply keeps the details of all your shareholding just like banks. It does so on your behalf.

A Unique Type of ID

Each and every single demat account possesses a unique number for documentation purposes. It is the number that you need to provide for transactions. The number is definitely going to help the exchange and businesses or companies classify you and credit shares in your overall account.

Depository Participants

Access to the overall central depository is offered by the Depository Participants or dps. These act as the intermediary between central depository and investor. Dps can be brokers, banks or even financial institutions that are simply authorized to offer demat type of services.

The Holding of Portfolio

A demat account simply keeps all your securities. So, once you check the account you have, you can easily see your portfolio holding and all the different details attached to it. These get updated automatically each time you do a transaction , no matter when you are purchasing or vending a security.

Dematerialization in simple words?

Technology has fetched a radical change in the everyday lives of people. The stock markets even have not been left unimpacted by these changes.

In the year 1875, the overall Bombay Stock Exchange came into existence with an open uproar floor that traded exchange. The traders used to simply stand on the floor and shout the costing of stocks for purchasing or even vending.

Then , money used to get exchanged for the physical receipts of shares called the certificate. This type of thing headed to a massive amount of paperwork.

And in year 1996, dematerialization got gripped. Dematerialization is the process by which physical share certificates detained by simply an investor get converted into an equivalent number of securities in electronic type of format and credited into the demat type of account of the investor.


To sum up, the point is you should look for a powerful demat account and start trading and investing today!