Tips to Choose The Right Comforter for a Restful Night’s Sleep


Bedding is arguably the most important quality of your bedroom set, ensuring you get a restful night’s sleep by providing comfort, support, and a cozy feel. Without a supportive mattress and warm comforter, you can spend the night tossing and turning, waking up feeling unrested and not ready to tackle the day.

Before you can choose the colors and design for your bedding to match your home aesthetic, you need to decide what type of bedding you want. If you start shopping by color or design, you can end up choosing bedding that doesn’t work with your style needs.

How to choose the right comforter

To choose the best comforter for your room, your needs, and your style, you need to follow some shopping tips that simplify the buying process and make it easy to choose the ideal comforter for your new bedroom.

1Find inspiration

Finding an aesthetic or style and going with it is key to getting the ideal comforter for your bedroom. Choose a design or style and stick with it – don’t flip flop back and forth between a modern look and a rustic look, as this will increase the shopping process by days or weeks.

If it helps, you can create a mood board or vision plan to see what you want your room to look like. Once you have inspiration, choose a comforter that works with your vision. Brose high-end websites and companies for the ideal product line, like Versace Decor, to ensure your comforter and bedding set will last many years.

2What type of pattern?

If your room is full of crazy patterns and the walls are polka dots, chances are a patterned comforter might be a little too over the top. Work off the other patterns and colors in your room to see what you want your comforter to look like.

One of the biggest advice regarding creating a relaxing and serene bedroom is choosing a monochromatic bedding color palette to keep your bedding from looking dull and avoiding intrusive patterns.

Check out collections, like those on Versace Decor, to find a color scheme that works with your personality and the other colors in your house.

3Choose your fabric

The fabric is a key component of your bedding and comforter, ensuring you stay warm and cozy while wrapped up at night. The right bedding fabric can complement your bedding style or completely throw off the entire aesthetic of the room.

Browse fabrics with a sheen for a more formal choice, like those found in the Versace Decor collection. If you want a more casual and laid back look, choose a cotton or matte fabric for a rustic feel.


As you can see, following certain bits of advice when buying the right comforter and bed set for your house is important to getting a restful night’s sleep and improving the aesthetic of your bedroom. Gaining inspiration from sites like Versace Decor helps you find a game plan, stick with it, choose a color palette, and select the right fabric for your bedroom.

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