Benefits of Standing Desk

standing desk

To provide comfortable working conditions for specialists in the design, engineering, and architectural industries, it is important to install specialized furniture. Such specialists have to deal with drawings, develop technically complicated projects, create large-sized layouts. During the daily shift, the tension in their muscles rises, as well as symptoms of chronic fatigue appear. The thing that helps to eliminate the negative symptoms is the standing desk technology, which allows lifting office desks, and by the same provide an opportunity to alternate the working positions and work not only when sitting, but also when standing right next to the standing desk.

Just imagine the progressive standing desk allowing you to shift between positions during the working day. Simply by adjusting your office chair height and the tabletop height you can regulate the manner you sit and by the same find the most comfortable and effective working positions not influencing your health and not causing fatigue. This multi-functional solution offered by Progressive Automations has the purpose to increase the overall human productivity as well as provide the universal solution of the global problem of inconvenient working space in the office. With such a technology entrepreneurs striving to achieve the best results out of the space and resources they have will obtain the unique chance to bring their ideas into life.

Such models of standing desk working with the help of electric linear actuators on the principle of lifting mechanism are classified as innovative. The tabletop of such standing desks can be adjusted and regulated within the height parameters specified by the inner construction of the standing desk. Usually these parameters wary between 65 centimeters to 120 centimeters. The optimization of the height is determined according to the type of work wanted to be done next to the table and can be changed once rises the need to change the working pattern. Adjustment of the tabletop is carried out by an electric actuator mechanism and the remote control panel adjusted to the tabletop surface.

Benefits of Using Standing Desk

Regular sitting during long working hours leads to a serious deterioration in human health. The most frequent symptoms are weakness, back pain, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

The good news is that people don’t have to give up on their lifestyle. The only thing required to be changed is that they have to work more often in a standing position. Experts recommend working alternately sitting and standing. And that is exactly where the Progressive Automations’ standing desk technology comes in handy.

During standing work, the load on the spine is reduced, and the person’s posture is leveled. The alternation of working postures keeps human muscles in good shape so that they remain full of strength and energy. While people are standing, their metabolic rate increases. In the standing position, an additional 60 calories are burned. This means that over time, working only 2 hours a day, a person can reduce his weight by 9 kilograms without extensive efforts.

Adjust the height of the tabletop by pressing a couple of buttons. Due to the stable design of the table and the built-in lifting mechanism, the height of the tabletop changes unbelievably smoothly and silently so that person can not be distracted from performing important tasks during the working hours.

A table with a lifting mechanism can quickly change position, making it functional and comfortable. In case of dismissal or if the employee has any medical prescriptions regarding the workplace, then such a standing desk can be adjusted to the individual characteristics of the person. It can be used by several workers at once, this is especially convenient if the office staff works in shifts. Use Progressive Automation solutions and find your own convenient height for the tabletop now and increase your daily productivity and health.