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Understanding the Platform and Services

At smp-to.com, our goal is to bring the power of digital marketing to businesses of all sizes without any of the headaches. To do that, there are a few key areas on our platform that you should become familiar with:

Analytics Dashboard – Monitor the performance of your campaigns and track their progress with our Analytics Dashboard. Here, you can view detailed metrics, like impressions and clicks, helping you make well-informed decisions on the success of your campaigns.

Marketing Automation – Our automated email service allows you to personalize campaigns for each individual customer based on their needs and preferences. This ensures that your customers receive only relevant content from you.

Social Media Management – Manage your social media presence in one place with our easy-to-use tools. Cross-post content across multiple platforms, respond to customers quickly and accurately, and monitor brand sentiment across all channels.

With these services, smp-to.com helps businesses drive more engagement and sales from their existing customers—all while spending less time managing campaigns manually!

Benefits of using smp-to.com


One of the great benefits of using smp-to.com is its scalability. Whether you’re a small business just getting started or an established enterprise, you can use smp-to.com to manage and optimize your supply chain to meet your needs. This is because smp-to.com offers flexible plans and pricing so you can scale up or down depending on your needs.


Smp-to.com makes use of automation to help streamline and simplify your supply chain operations. This means that tedious, manual tasks like tracking shipments, updating order statuses, and calculating costs can be done quickly and easily with automated systems in smp-to.com.

Insightful analytics

smp-to.com also provides insightful analytics that give you greater visibility into your supply chain so that you can identify potential issues before they become problems, while also getting a clear picture of performance across all areas of the supply chain.


Finally, smp-to.com also offers an intuitive platform for connecting with your suppliers and partners so you can quickly share data and documents in secure and easy way—all from one central place!

Pricing and Packages Available

Are you ready to get started with smp-to.com? Great! You’ll be glad to know that there’s a variety of packages and pricing options available. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.

Free Package

The free package is perfect for getting your feet wet, as it offers all the basic features of smp-to.com—including signup, login and list management—for no cost at all. This package is ideal for users who want to try out smp-to.com without committing to an upgrade.

Basic Package

The basic package starts at $9 per month and offers a few extra features such as unlimited lists and unlimited members. For users who want more control over their lists and members, the basic package is a great option.

Professional Package

The professional package starts at $19 per month and offers even more features such as advanced list management, custom branding options, priority support and more. This package is perfect for power users who need robust tools for managing their lists and members effectively.